Will the Samsung Odyssey be the first T-Mobile Windows Phone 8 and LTE device?

Will the Samsung Odyssey be the first T-Mobile Windows Phone 8 and LTE device?

Summary: We expect to see much more about Windows Phone 8 in September and thus leaks are going to start popping up. This latest one indicates T-Mobile may be launching devices with LTE soon.


As regular readers know, I am a huge fan of the Windows Phone platform and given the current legal battle between Apple and Samsung it is a bit refreshing to hear some good news about Windows Phone. TmoNews found some evidence that a Samung Windows Phone 8 device may be coming to T-Mobile USA soon with LTE inside. T-Mobile currently promotes their super fast 42 Mbps HSPA+ network and I often see it nearly matching Verizon's LTE download speeds. T-Mobile has stated they will roll out LTE in the future, but I didn't think we would see anything so soon. Then again, Sprint has LTE devices with an extremely limited network too.

There is no doubt that I will be purchasing a Windows Phone 8 device, it's just a matter of when I can get one on T-Mobile or AT&T. My four family members are all now hooked on Windows Phone devices on T-Mobile so if Samsung or HTC can get something launched with Windows Phone 8 there will be some happy ladies in my house. The rumored device, check out The Verge for some details, is the Samsung Odyssey with a 4.65 inch 720 x 1080 display, 720p front facing camera, 1 GB RAM, and dual-core Snapdragon processor. I understand these agent user strings can be manipulated, but if true then I am excited to see its release and hear more about LTE on T-Mobile.

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        • As you are clearly not a developer believe Roteague!!

          Look Windows Mobile is based on Windows Embedded CE 6.0. Windows Phone 7 is based on Windows Embedded Compact 7. The two OS' are not compatable with one another.

          Now it is true that the Windows Phone 7 OS was built on the Windows Embedded CE kernel at its core, but it is heavily modified to incorporate Metro features and to meet the needs of mobile phone manufacturers.

          It is also true that Windows Phone 7 the last phone to use the Windows Embedded CE kernel. Windows Phone 8 will use the Windows NT kernel.

          Further your depiction of Windows Phone 7 as "Windows Mobile with more lipstick than a cheap hooker" is clearly at odds with the typical user experience. Matthew Miller is clearly a typical user of Windows Phone 7 thereby establishing his credentials to Blog on the subject.
  • So basically you dont use a smart phone for most of its use

    "I don't have a facebook account, nor do I constantly tweet my life on the internet. I do not own, nor will I ever own, an xbox, and you can flush that zune crap down the pipe."

    So basically you're not the norm. I dont have an xbox (well maybe somewhere in the closet) but I do have FB, twitter(dont use much at all) and a few other mail accounts where WP7 has been the only one that links and manages all my contact much better than a retarded iphone or android does.

    As for being paid, most of the reviews are pro IOS which makes no sense other than bloggers vested in their own stature, and ego ... thats been based on owning an iphone.

    I doubt you've used wp7 for longer than a month and simply been smoother and more functional than any android or iphone. OK android has some more use but has been the buggiest of the bunch. So I kinda put wp7 and android at a tie, and ios as 3rd.

    In any case, I dont usually find pro wp7 articles. So to make the leap that they are paid to do so, is well, a leap of your imagination. Nothing more.
  • I'm not surprised..

    Your commentary is offensive and extreme and appears to be incredibly biased. I'll also say I don't have a WP7 phone device, work gave me a Samsung Galaxy 2.. which I don't like.. Everyone I know that has used a WP7 device has loved it and have often given up their iPhone because they like it so much. I'll probably buy a WP8 phone when they're out but I'm waiting and seeing as it'll cost me $800 because I live in NZ and there aren't any subsidies when work pay for the calls.. In my experience the main difference between fanboys and 'the rest' is passion.. That's why you sound like a fanboy.. You can talk all you like about the 'bias' of the author of the blog and you obviously feel quite strongly about it but in my experience there is a significantly greater bias towards apple.. and many of your comments don't make any sence especially your MS bashing.. Apple treat their customers like shit and get away with it.. MS gave up that kind of behaviour years ago as they got their arse handed to them in federal court.. Of all the BIG corprate companies out there.. I would trust MS over Apple, who'll puck you over for a $$ and google will do likewise by selling ALL your private information for a $$. I don't think any of the corporates are particularly nice but MS is the least bad.. Your apparent bias does you no favours.. Lighten up.. in the grand scheme of things it doesn't, fundamentally, matter.
  • HTC not Samsung please...

    The samsung WP8 are ok but the plastic parts its made from really make it feel cheap. I really would rather see the HTC One series with windows phone 8...
    • wp8 How would you know?

      How do you know the samsung wp8 is "ok but the plastic parts its made from really make it feel cheap"? DO YOU HAVE ONE?
  • 'Apollo' all set to take off...

    Samsung may be planning the 'Odyssey' series super phones with WP 8 worldwide. WP8 is the most powerful OS in the mobile space in terms of capability and security for both consumers and enterprise. All that is needed is super marketing and awareness campaign from all parties which include MS, handset makers and carriers.
  • I'm going to get a Nokia WP8 phone

    Nokia's stuff seems nicer and better made to me.
    • I'm a Nokia fan as well

      I'm with you. I've got a Lumia 710 and it's great. I love Nokia Drive - it took a huge amount of frustration out of my recent vacation. It's the best GPS I've used. That and the phone itself is a slick little device.
    • Liking the Nokia

      I also have a Lumia 710 and it's way better than I thought it would be. I won't be an early adopter of WP8, but I'll be watching it closely in hopes that it's as good as or better than WP7.5.
      • You aren't alone

        Lumia satisfaction rates are around 96%. WP7 clearly struggles due to lack of marketing and customer awareness (which ultimately is 100% MS's fault, no excuses granted). However, when someone does decide to buy a Lumia, they love it.
    • Im anxious to see what Nokiua says at Nokia world. Im open to

      giving them a try but Ive heard rumors that their high end WP8 models wont be available until next March/April. Anyone else hear anything about that? Seems like very poor planning if true. What else would they be focused on if not having killer WP8 devices for the holidays this year?
      Johnny Vegas
      • I can wait

        In the meantime, my iPhone 4 is working adequately.

        MS / Nokia will have to win me over from the dark Apple side where no one is allowed to think differently. Unlike the Apple fanbois though, I am very happy to give all the underdogs like MS a chance in the mobile market.

        If Apple is able to maintain their monopoly in the mobile market, we are in for some dark times.

        If MS is able to break through Apple's monopoly with very competitive and compelling offers, we are in for some very exciting times.

        Let's all hope the latter comes to pass.
    • Nokia better raise the bar!

      I was kind off dissappointed by the Lumia as I expected Nokia to pull out all the stops.. but I suspect the OS really wasn't up to it at that point..
      The Lumia's are nice phones, but they are not exceptional phones from a feature perspective. If Nokia doesn't create something for the WP8 that is groundbreaking Nokia will be in deep doodoo so I'm waiting with baited breath as I fully expect to see something really cool from Nokia.. We know they can do it as they have the tech.. Not that long ago they released a phone with the best camera.. that should be in a WP8 device.. with a front facing 720p camera. A truly decent speaker/s and a very high resolution display. They have an opportunity here let's hope they run with it!
  • They are still targeting the mass low end as well so I think they will

    They are still supporting low res screens and cpus and low memory. Plus they've clearly done orders of magnitude more work at optimizing than has been done to ios/android. No reason to believe that would be changing.
    Johnny Vegas
    • I hope you're right

      The interface is really nice, productive, and smooth.

      I just wouldn't tie myself to a 2 yr contract on the idea of "I trust them".
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Will the Samsung Odyssey be the first T-Mobile Windows Phone 8 and LTE devi

    All this exposure of Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is a good thing no matter what carrier it is on. People will see it and say "I want that on my carrier!" Microsoft can't go wrong.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • I want it

      on Verizon.