Win top gadgets in our Christmas giveaway

Win top gadgets in our Christmas giveaway

Summary: Some fantastic prizes are up for grabs over the 12 days of's Christmas competition. There's a different prize each working day, so plenty of chances to bag yourself some top tech gear

TOPICS: Hardware

Over 12 days in Christmas, ZDNet brought to me:

  • One Navman S70 sat-nav
  • One Google search appliance
  • Five Orange mobiles...

OK, you get the message. These are all on offer as prizes in's huge 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, which kicked off on Thursday 7 December.

There's a different prize up for grabs each working day in the competition series, which runs for just over two weeks. All you have to do to enter is answer a simple multiple-choice question.

If you'd like to win a giant 23-inch Hazro widescreen monitor, check out Day 1's contest. And go to Day 2's competition for a chance to land one of five Motorola Razr2 V8s.

There is lots more cool tech gear to take home, so make sure you check in each day to see the latest prize.

Good luck!

Topic: Hardware

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  • broken link

    The link to the Thursday competition, is , unfortunately, broken.

    Might I also suggest you amend your 404 statement to include the possibility (!!) that the 404 is from a malformed link created by yourselves and a link to report that in a convenient way.

  • Thanks for the catch

    Many thanks for pointing out the broken link. It has now been fixed.
    Karen Friar
  • Day 8?

    Nothing new was added to the competition yesterday - did someone forget?
  • Apologies

    Thanks for your note on this--we didn't forget, but we have run into a couple of problems posting the competition the last couple of days of the competition that have put us out of sync. We're very sorry that we haven't been able to keep to the promised schedule, but we're working to put this right and catch up. For now, we have extended the deadlines on the affected competitions. Day 9 is now live--a great set of Orange smartphones, so please go ahead and enter. We also have a couple of great prizes coming up, and all competitions are still open to all-comers.
    Karen Friar
  • when will...

    ... the winners be announced? And how?
  • Winners

    Once the judges have made their decision, the winners are listed in the box at the bottom of the competition page in question. They are also contacted directly to confirm their acceptance of the prize in question.

    If there's a particular competition you're interested in, please drop me a line via our internal message system or by email to and I'll let you know where it stands.
    Karen Friar