Windows 7: screenshot gallery

Windows 7: screenshot gallery

Summary: Attendees at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference have received a 'pre-beta' version of Windows 7. Check out some of the key changes in Vista's successor.


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  • User Account Control
    Windows 7 lets you tune just how often you'll see UAC prompts, giving you the option of a much less chatty system. If you do get a UAC dialogue, you'll find it gives you more information, helping you make more informed decisions, rather than just clicking 'OK'.


  • Gadgets
    Like Vista, Windows 7 supports information display Gadgets. Unlike Vista, there's no memory- and space-hungry Sidebar host — instead, Gadgets display in the desktop. That means there needs to be a quick way of showing them, and the beta will use the lower right screen corner to make all desktop windows transparent.


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