Windows 8: Desperately seeking mobile

Windows 8: Desperately seeking mobile

Summary: The good news for Microsoft is that Windows 8 reached over one percent of the market in November. The bad news is that it lags behind Windows 7's adoption rate and still has no tablet/mobile adoption to speak of.

NetMarketShare's Windows numbers look good at first glance, but a harder look shows trouble for Microsoft.

For Steve Ballmer, the good news is that people are using Windows 8. Both StatCounter and NetMarketShare show Windows 8 has cracked the entry-level 1 percent of the desktop market barrier in its first full month of availability. Unfortunately for Microsoft, a close reading of its adoption numbers shows bad news as well.

First, here are the numbers. Windows 8 has popped up from from 0.41 percent to 1.09 percent, a gain of 0.68 percent. That's not too surprising since, as anyone who went shopping on Black Friday knows, it was almost impossible to find PCs without Windows 8. However, Windows 7 hit a mark of 1.46 percent in its first full month out.

Thus, some of Windows 8's gains came at Windows 7's expense. Windows 7 barely moved up with a gain of 0.02 percent to reach 44.71 percent. Windows Vista--remember Vista?--continues to be the Windows that dare not speak its name with a loss of 0.10 percent to 5.70 percent, and XP dropped a quite large 0.84 percent to 39.82 percent. If you can do basic math, you can see the bad news for Microsoft here. Overall, Windows dropped 0.22 percent.

It's a tiny decline, but with as much energy as Microsoft has been putting into marketing Windows 8, it still has to be disappointing. For PC vendors, who were already worried by desktop sales declines, it's even worse news.

Who gained from Windows' slight fall? Who do you think? Apple, which reached an all-time high of 7.3 percent with Mac OS X, and Linux, hanging on as always, with a mark of 1.25 percent.

Taken in context, Windows 8's failure to do better against Apple is even more troubling for Microsoft. In the rapidly growing tablet and smartphone market, Windows is still disappointing.

True, all Windows Phone and tablet operating systems combined grew to 0.9 percent of the global market. Simultaneously, though, iOS kept its top spot by growing to 61.1 percent, while Android also kept growing and reached 28.02 percent. In short, while Java ME, BlackBerry, and Symbian keep declining, Apple and the Linux-powered Android devices are making much more of their fall than Microsoft.

When you look at other analysis, it's clear that the mobile space is a battle between Android and iOS. Indeed, Microsoft's latest offering here, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8, don't even show up on NetMarketShare's charts.

Still the good news for Microsoft here is... well actually I'm not sure there is any really good news here. Windows 8 isn't holding on to the desktop and its siblings on tablets and smartphones continue to be non-players.

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  • So mobile Windows marketshare sucks?

    At 0.9%, yes, one could make a strong case for Windows on mobile sucking big time.

    At 1.25% though, Linux on the desktop is strong, really strong, really encouraging, fantastic news. /s

    I wonder, SJVN, how you will spin it the day that Windows on mobile has more marketshare than Linux on desktop? And yes, I do believe that will happen quite soon. I don't say this to suggest that Windows is going to "kill" any other mobile platform but more to illustrate just how much desktop Linux sucks and has sucked for its entire existence.
    • Huh?

      I'm missing the part where this article says anything positive about Linux on the desktop. The only time it's mentioned at all is "hanging on as always", which is hardly a ringing endorsement.
      • Look at his piechart

        Ram U
      • @Tridus

        Check the chart. With 1.25%, Linux has a column in the chart. However, with 1.09%, Windows 8 is not found there.
      • where

        Does he start talking about Linux in this Linux blog and not talk about windows. That is the stat you should consider
    • Another "Windows 8 is DOA" article from ZDNet...

      So... in one month, Windows 8 has gone from 0 to almost 15% of Mac OS's total market share... but Windows 8 is DOA and a flop... but Mac OS, which has been around for DECADES, is thriving at 7% market share?

      Or, put another way, in six months, Windows 8 will likely surpass the market share that Mac OS has gained in it's three decades of existence... but Windows 8 will be a flop... while Mac OS is a great success story?

      Seriously? Pfft!
      • Always biased

        ZDNet is always biased toward Apple.
    • Windows 8 thunders past OS X on Steam...

      This should help put things in perspective: After just four weeks in the market, there are already more people on the popular Steam video game service using Windows 8 than Mac OS X. Steam has been available on Mac OS X for over two and a half years.
      • perspective

        ((( "After just four weeks in the market, there are already more people on the popular Steam video game service using Windows 8 than Mac OS X." )))

        Windows 8 has been available as a Consumer Preview for nine months. Windows users also have vastly more games available on Steam than do Mac users, and the games that are available on both platforms tend to be better optimized for Windows.
      • So did Linux.

        Nothing really new there..
    • ZDNet: Desperately seeking a flame war...

      I'm going to have to pin this article, so I can link it in a few months when Windows 8 passes OS X in market share...

      You're also the biggest oxymoron.

      That's right...using "Microsoft" and "Fanboy" in the same sentence is analogous to:

      Jumbo Shrimp
      Military Intelligence
      Sarah Palin for President

      :0 )
    • Why do guys

      like you have to pick on desktop linux all the time? Its like making fun of the geeky kid in the corner minding his own business just because he's "different" since he's brilliant and doesn't care about being popular. He doesn't need to care about "getting the chicks" since he gets so much satisfaction from his superior intellect, with none of the issues of running with the fast crowd.
      I know its in response to the linux extremists who bash microsoft, more than you care about linux itself. But really, I see the 1.25% as a benefit as it is not targeted by malware. "linux" is the one there that is not in itself driven by any for-profit entity. It just exists because people want to work on it and provides a computing environment suitable for most of what I and many others do for work.
      • Niche product

        Linux will always be a niche product. It can't even beat Mac OS for market share for so many years.
      • I agree with you

        Linux is free. And open source. And most times, the best things are cheap and People ignore them because they are cheap.

        Linux doesn't have any OEMs to back it up; doesn't have any special hardware; doesn't have blind followers; yet survives.

        And this is just my opinion. Speaking just as some one who uses Linux everyday. If any one who doesn't like this post, please forgive my ignorance and ignore the post as well.
        • Market share by Goldman Sachs:

          1. Android Linux 42%
          2. Apple 24%
          3. Windows 20%
          4. Others 14% (including some other Linux distros)

          We are now very near the situation where Linux has got 50% of all computers.
    • Wakey,wakey time!

      You do realize that Android is based on Linux ....right?

      Bet W8 mobile wished it sucked that bad.
    • How long are many people believing in...

      statistics of Net Application? These statistics are 76% nothing but pay-per-click and only about 10% based on social media. Linux users don't buy software, that's why they don't "pay-per-click". And even after that they got more than 1%.

      So what's the truth of Linux percentage of pc's? Well, even Steve Ballmer knows that Linux was bigger than Mac some 4 years ago. Now it's much, much bigger because mobiles and growing numbers of ChromeBook and Linux based ARM-devices.

      Goldman Sachs has been one of the first big names giving the real numbers of OS:

      1. Android 42%
      2. Apple 24%
      3. Windows 20%
      4. Others 14% (including some other Linux distros)

      We are now very near the situation where Linux has about 50% of all computers.
    • Differentiation & Marketing are Key Areas

      Aside from the fact that MS failed to differentiate desktop OS from tablet OS, Microsoft marketing is partially to blame, they have no idea how to market a thing.
  • zomg

    the clickbait"!!!!!