Windows 8 Enterprise: Screenshots

Windows 8 Enterprise: Screenshots

Summary: The RTM release of Windows 8 Enterprise, which is designed for corporate deployments, shows off a few recent UI tweaks.


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  • Windows 8 Enterprise is part of the Software Assurance programme, so you'll need to connect to a Windows Activation server. The Activation tools built into the desktop control panel will show you if and when a PC is activated, and what product key is currently in use.

  • The whole of the Windows 8 Start Screen is one enormous search tool. All you need to do is start typing, before choosing to focus on apps, settings or files — or the search interfaces built into many WinRT apps.

  • The preview builds of Windows 8 used traditional desktop icons on the Start menu, leaving them lost in large slabs of colour. The release code uses larger icons in Start menu tiles, making them easier to see and much more like the icons used by WinRT code — although there's no Live Tile support for desktop applications, while pinned websites need to have an alternate, larger, favicon.

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  • Just hit Enter to go to desktop...

    If you place the desktop tile at top left, you don't have to click it (or tap it), you can just hit your enter key, and you're on the desktop. Be sure to pin your most used desktop apps to the taskbar, and add other shortcuts as desktop icons (or if too cluttered, place the shortcuts in a folder on your desktop).
    • So, in other words, Metro is awesome

      because with enough effort and knowledge, I can find a bunch of ways to get around it.
      • No, in other words, Metro is awesome

        because it works for people who would like to give clean simplified apps a try as well as those who feel they need an old style desktop.
  • Buy I like the transparency on windows frames..

    So you can still have that by choosing a Win7 theme did you know that? I really dont like the opaque frame... its so 90s, I can live without the window shadow though
  • You have not shown anything unique to Enterprise

    BitLocker is in Windows 8 Pro. Features that are specific to Enterprise include Direct Access, Branch Cache and Windows To Go.
    • We're still waiting for RTM for Server

      Some aspects, like DirectAccess need an RTM Windows Server 2012 - which we will be reviewing soon.

      Also watch out for a separate piece on the Windows To Go tooling (it should be published soon).
  • Still a FUGLY POS

    Did MS fire all their "designers"?
    • this isnt apple

      MS doesn't hold style over substance.
      Scarface Claw
  • Was the interface actually designed by BOB?

    I'm wondering if Bob came up with this epic Lego Block desktop.
    • Steven Sinofsky A.K.A Handy Manny.

      The head of the windows division when to kindergarden classes to find the Windows 8 designers.