Windows 8-ready hardware from Microsoft

Windows 8-ready hardware from Microsoft

Summary: If you're looking forward to Windows 8, you might be interested in the new, updated hardware aimed at the upcoming platform.


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  • Wedge Mobile Keyboard

    The new ultraslim Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard brings full-size keyboard comfort, efficiency and speed to a tablet. 

    Price: (RRP) $79.95.

    Image source: Microsoft.

  • Wedge Mobile Keyboard

    The keyboard is lightweight, durable, and connects to the devices such as Microsoft's Surface tablet via Bluetooth.

    Image source: Microsoft.

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  • Catching On

    Whoa! You are finally catching on to what Microsoft has up their sleeve. A Completely New Direction! The sleeping Giant has awakened!
  • Catching On

    Whoa! You are finally catching on to what Microsoft has up their sleeve. A Completely New Direction! The sleeping Giant has awakened!
  • I hate my touch mouse.

    It's "touchy." I gave it a good chance, but I never got a good ride out of it. I can't consistently get a right or left click where I need it and the touch swipes sometime happen when you least expect them to. I doubt if windows 8 will save it for me, but I will give it a try.
    Schoolboy Bob
  • Yet Again....?

    Actually, no, I'm not looking to change my hardware, peripherals, or software yet again. Every four years (and oh my, MS is supporting Win 7 for a whole seven years! *gasp*), they come out with an OS, whether or not it's ready. Every four years, everything I use (outside of my Logitech basic gaming controller) gets replaced due to incapability.

    NO. No one goes through this b.s. when they buy a car, or a new microwave, or anything else. Even other OSes have a better rating for legacy compatibility than Microsoft.

    Plus, ZDNet has spent the past solid month and a half bashing everything from the GUI to the funcionality of Win 8. Why on earth would you go, "hey guys, toys. Toys are enough of a reason to buy this OS. Shinnnny." Which is exactly what this does. Are they cool gadgets? Sure, but if they're that cool, then someone can write a driver for 7 compatibility and stop this nonsense.

    We do have a global economic crisis on our hands.... Somehow, I think feeding our families and paying for our skyrocketing utilities should come first...
    • I'm ready...

      for a new hardware cycle. I'm sure there are millions out there that will be ready for a new PC. Microsoft's track record shows that they support legacy better than ANY other company. Your comment seems highly uninformed.
      • Ready...

        bend over now...

        not only Im ready for a new hardware upgrade cycle, this is a SPECIAL 3 in one, meaning, WP7 devices should be changed to WP8 devices not compatible with WP7 devices, Desktop + screen; and forget about that old win tablet, it was garbage anyway, use it as a doorstop when as soon as you get your shiny new surface (...some naive souls expect it will just run without problems, ala mac...).
    • It's achoice thing.

      Nobody is saying you need to upgrade... do it if you feel the need. Me; can't wait to see whats available re touchscreen, mobile stuff. My desktop is fine on Win7 and I still regularly use XP. At least we can choose what suits, and when.
    • Very short-sighted there, bub!

      Sure there's a global economic crisis, but, you're looking at this backwards.

      Microsoft, and any other company that comes out with new products, and updated products, is helping to bring that economic crisis closer to an end. The more products, the merrier, and the more we have of anything, means that, there will be people needed to be hired in order to meet the demand, and, no doubt you understand that, a person with a job will not go hungry or go on the government dole.

      See how simple it is?
    • RE:

      You're making some grand assumptions here: you assume one must upgrade to Windows 8 upon release date and in doing so must also upgrade hardware/peripherals. Microsoft has a solid track record in terms of backwards compatibility and supporting legacy applications and environments. For what it's worth, you'll be able to upgrade from Windows XP/Vista/7 to Windows 8 for the price of $39.99 until the 1st of January. Moreover, you'll be able to keep using your peripherals and hardware.

      I kindly suggest you educate yourself some more before making uniformed comments and helping to spread FUD.
  • Looks like Microsnuff is COPYING Apple Completely!!!!

    Not only will the make the OS itself but, to copy Apple, they are going to start to make all the hardware to boot. Well done MicroSnuff. Linux is starting to look better by the day!
    Greed, greed and more greed!!! I wonder what HP, Dell and all the others will have to say about this apparent take over!

    Egad, only 2 makers of anything PC. Snapple and MicroSnuff, oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Except that, Apple copied others that came before, when companies such as

      IBM and Control Data and Honeywell and NCR and many other hardware companies, also created the software and applications to go with that hardware.

      Apple is not doing anything that hasn't been done before, and it's not really innovating anywhere; they're just making the "newer versions" of what had been there before.
  • Strange

    The slim keyboard looks nice but the three mice look like they came from three different companies. One looks like a piece of pie, one looks like a regular microsoft mouse ( and probably the only one you can actually use for any length of time) and the last looks like a futuristic spaceship. The apple magic mouse does not work as a mouse for any more than browsing the Internet. The fully touch based mouse does not work in my opinion. I am also not a fan of batteries in my mouse and keyboard. Wired options please!!!
  • If it ain't broke...

    ...don't fix it. Problem is the computers I've bought last forever so I'm not a big "upgrade" cycler.
    D.J. 43
  • At a time when... is moving forward towards innovation, streamlining, portability and cheaper computing, Microsoft comes up with something new; yet another keyboard and another mouse for the new Windows 8 tablets. Smooth.
  • Microsoft business model

    reached his limit. One after the other every major player exited the pc business, there is no money to be made. There is no innovation to be made, there is no money.

    So Apple business model developing software+hardware integrated solutions, is winning. Microsoft must do a 180 turn and Win8.integrated devices is all about that.

    at the end of the day, quality wins. So we have now a 2 horses market, Apple (iphone, ipad) and google (android, jelly bean on many popular devices) & derivatives (Kindle, other tablets & ereaders).

    Microsoft used to dominate both markets, smartphones and tablets. In 3 years they market share in those markets went from #1 to almost non-existent. That's the reason for the hardware push they are in now. They still have a few years collecting Android money, but they will need to bring money from their own products.
  • MS ...

    ... said they would be releasing a range of hardware products to make WIN8 easier to use on a desktop PC. I dont see much hear to validate that claim.
    Scarface Claw