Windows 8 sales: Intel confirms hurry-up-and-wait scenario

Windows 8 sales: Intel confirms hurry-up-and-wait scenario

Summary: The fourth-generation Intel Core processor was developed specifically for ultrabooks and promises big advances in the second half of 2013. Apologies to anyone who has already bought a Windows 8 ultrabook.


Intel promised ultrabooks that will be touch-enabled by default, chips with all-day battery life and designs that fully utilize Microsoft's Windows 8. These designs will land in the second half of 2013.

The systems sound great---unless you've already bought a Windows 8 laptop, tablet, convertible or one of those other 140 contraptions Intel highlighted in its 2012 recap at CES.

Kirk Skaugen, the VP and GM of Intel's Client Group, said that the company will push lower power core chips now. These Core processors run at 7 watts instead of 10 watts. This move is a hold the fort maneuver that should make the current batch of hardware running Windows 8 more appealing.

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The upshot: The current crop of Windows 8 devices will improve beginning in April or May.

However, the better move is to wait for Microsoft to update Windows 8 and Intel to launch its fourth generation Core processors. Skaugen said that $599 touch-based PCs will be the norm by the end of 2013.



"Every single day we're getting more and more mechanical innovation," said Skaugen.

Skaugen also said that Intel's fourth-generation Core processor will be the first developed specifically for ultrabooks. Everything else was a "retrofit" to work with touch.

Let's sum this up. Anyone who bought Windows 8 hardware in recent weeks acquired retrofit devices that feel a bit 1.0 because they are. If you buy in a month or two, you'll get better battery life. If you wait until the holiday season of 2013, Wintel will fully have its act together.

The Intel CES keynote should have led with a slide putting the kibosh on Windows 8 device sales. As noted previously, Windows 8 is likely to be a second half 2013 story.


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  • ???

    "These Core processors run at 7 watts instead of 7 watts" thanks for that.
    Peter Davis
  • Intel, Ultrabooks worst enemy

    Every time they launch new Ultrabooks, Intel does the best to torpedo the event, saying that the newly released devices are a stop-gap measure, until the next generation arrives in 6 months. No wonder that the Ultrabook market is slow getting off the ground!
  • Windows 8 sales: Intel confirms hurry-up-and-wait scenario

    Kudos go to Intel and Microsoft for this design. I've been running Microsoft Windows 8 on my current laptop and its been a dream. Most likely will be upgrading to one of these touch ultra books within the next year.

    "The systems sound great---unless you've already bought a Windows 8 laptop, tablet, convertible or one of those other 140 contraptions Intel highlighted in its 2012 recap at CES."

    That is all things in tech, always being replaced by the better models.
    • A Microsoft Sycophant Wet Dream

      A Microsoft Sycophant Wet Dream, Make sure you add another hour to your Microsoft Timesheet for this.
      • neil.postlethwaite@... you hit the nail on the head in describing Loverock

        Nothing more to add to that.........really funny
        Over and Out
    • Loverock spambot spews again

      If he were a real person he would need to be pretty wealthy as he seems to have a lot of spare change to purchase anything that has Windows 8 tatooed on it.
      • You may be right

        You may be right but I can’t help but consider how that sounds like the average fruit lover (LOL)

        Sorry but it just reminded me of that ;-)
        • Apple users

          also tend to buy newer hardware when they want or need newer hardware. My family and business are very typical of Apple customers. We buy Apple laptops because we like what they have to offer, and when they get old, slow or no longer do something we want them to do, we upgrade to the new model.

          The difference is that as our used gear is user Apple gear, we get at least 50% of the purchase price back when we resell our now 3 or 4-year-old MacBooks, instead of the 20 to 30% you would be lucky get with used Wintel.
          • lawyerfish.... 50% for 4 year old anything seams like allot to me

            But I guess if you want a Apple you want a Apple.......oh well
            Over and Out
          • Sadly

            I doubt I'll be getting 50% back from my purchase in four years. Apparently, MBA depreciate quicker.
            Michael Alan Goff
          • Apple users?

            First, I'd like you to provide me a source where I can purchase a 3 to 4 year old Windows anything for 20-30% of retail price- not gonna happen unless it's total junk. Second- even IF a working 3-4 year old Windows device could only be sold for 30% of its purchase price... $600 new x 30%= an expenditure of $480 after getting years of use on a good machine. Apple- $1,100 x 50% (I really doubt anyone would be stupid enough to pay that much for a system that Apple no longer even supports) = a $550.00 loss. Gee, numbers are a really funny thing, aren't they? And most Apple users update every two years because their machine is either no longer supported (unlike Windows, which will be for a decade or more) or the device has gotten slow or failed completely. If I want to replace my Windows laptop, great quality machines are available for $600 more or less, but to replace an Apple laptop I'd have to spend $1,100 and would still have a laptop that does far less than my Windows laptop does, plus I GET A SUPPORTED OS!
            So, let's review the numbers: Windows, an absolute minimum of 4 years usage costs less than $500, Apple with 3-4 years use cost $550 to $700. Seems a simple choice to me, but if you WANT to spend a lot more money so that people will think that you actually have a lot of money to throw around, that's your right, of course. I'll stick with the logical choice because I do not need a machine to determine my self worth!
          • Once again, you highlight your ignorance.

            You want a source?!? Try ANY local Craigslist. I check mine all the time. Windows laptops typically Lose about 30% of their value a year (at least). Assuming this is the case, a $1000 machine, after 3 years, will sell for about $343. That is a net depreciation of 66%.
            Apple kit does not depreciate anywhere near that fact. Again, check your local Craigslist for examples. A 2006 MacBook typically sells for about $400-500 (more through retailers). With an original selling price of $1299, that is the same depreciation in double the time. A 2010 MacBook Pro, that retailed for $1799 can still bring $1400, a drop of only 20%. So by your math, that Macbook Pro only cost $400, as opposed to the WinPC, that cost $657. Gee, numbers are a really funny thing, aren't they?
            But so what? More important is the outright B.S. of your posts (no big surprise there).
            "And most Apple users update every two years because their machine is either no longer supported"
            Citation? Actually, most Mac users I know keep their machines until they are growing roots into the floor. 8-10 years is not uncommon. As the person asking the O.P. for sources, I'd certainly like to see yours for this bilious piece of tripe. As to your idiocy about not supporting any machines older than two years, please name the 2011 model that does not support 10.8. How about any 2010 model? 2009? Hello?
            "... but to replace an Apple laptop I'd have to spend $1,100 and would still have a laptop that does far less than my Windows laptop does, plus I GET A SUPPORTED OS!"
            Bull. First, the cheapest Mac is $500 cheaper, and the cheapest laptop is $100 less, which you'd know if you'd bothered to check (or weren't a liar) or just assume you know what you're talking about because you heard a fat, anti-social, scraggly-bearded teenage boy with poor hygiene saying it in a coffee shop one day. Second, name one thing you can do on your
          • Ignorance truly must be your bliss

            Other's have pointed out issues with both of your posts so I won't go into those but have to say, I have never had any luck getting a Win system to be worth keeping beyond three years. Every Mac I have owned ran just as good two - three years into ownership while the Win systems were noticeably slower after a year and lucky to get beyond two years.
          • 4 YO MBP's in my drawer

            The only place I have 4 YO MBP's is in a drawer I keep for scrap parts. If its over 3 years old and used in a consistent manner (8 am-5pm +, 5 days a week) in a work environment, its dead. Of the 15 MBP's we bought in 2010 and 2011, 4 are dead in my parts drawer, 10 got stripped and dumped in the trash and 1 is still functioning. We could just never get the hard freeze problem on these fixed. After 14 months, they'd run for about an hour before hard freezing.
          • A bit old PC

            For that 4 YO MBP I have to say that something is then going to my way as my son now has my 7+ YO with Athlon 3700+ 64bit single core running now with Windows 8 Pro and only problem is that it can't handle the latest graphics cards. Even the MB is budget WinFast. Then O wonder, my wife is using PC that has 11 year old components like Athlon XP 2100+ running Windows XP because it is too old for Windows 8. Well, some last some doesn't.
          • The you are incompetent

            And why you cite this incompetence as evidence is beyond me.
            (Typed on my well-beaten, dented and scraped, dropped and frozen, used in heavily smoke-filled bars, with numerous alcoholic beverages spilled thereon 2007 (almost 6 years old) MacBook Pro.)

            BTW, if this "hard freeze" occurred in the first 12 months, it would have been fixed free, so your putting it is a parts drawer just highlights your incompetence. If you had that high a failure rate, but still had a reason to buy Macs, the intelligent thing would have been to purchase AppleCare, in which case 100% of those Macs would have been covered. Fixed or replaced free, sometimes with better hardware. So again, your failure to do this, especially in a business environment reeks of incompetence.
            Who the hell do you work for, that they tolerate this nonsense?!?
        • Average fruit buyer

          The other thing with Apple equipment is that they (Apple) don't change the wrapper too often. The latest and greatest 15" Retina MacBook Pro looks almost exactly the same as the 15" MacBook Pro introduced in 2008.

          Walk into a San Francisco (arguably the Apple capital of the world) coffee shop and it looks like everyone has a brand-new Apple MacBook, when in fact, those MacBooks range in age from new to more than 4-years-old. Look hard and you will even spot some older PowerBooks, which for the aluminum versions (still look a lot like the latest and greatest) go back to 2003.

          Since Apple builds pretty good stuff, they actually do last that long.
      • Astringent you and neil.postlethwaite@...know Loverock Davidson

        like a book......spambot......I'll remember that code name for Loverock Davidson every time he posts..

        Loverock "spambot" know it really fits him.....
        Over and Out
    • Yes, add another hour to your Microsoft Timesheet

      Loverock: by dream I assume you meant nightmare. If it wasn't a mistake you are a most likely a SPAM bot. No human enjoys holding there arm outstretched to poke and interface with computers. No human enjoys navigating menus made for touch with a mouse and keyboard ether. I am a Windows and Intel fanboy and I am greatly ashamed by both windows 8 and intel Haswell being built for such systems. The mobile technology that could have fostered a revolution has turned out over-simplified crap, stripped of options and innovation.
      Owen King
  • Technology is always 1.0

    "Let's sum this up. Anyone who bought Windows 8 hardware in recent weeks acquired retrofit devices that feel a bit 1.0 because they are. "

    - Larry D is struggling to find excuses to bash Windows. Let me make it clear, every year new processor, faster and better will come out and devices will improve its performance in many ways. That doesn't mean the device I bought today is 1.0 . Next year for CES 2014, Intel will announce yet another processor which would be cutting edge compared to the once they announced this year. So are you going to argue in 2014 January that Windows 8 devices is still 1.0???