Windows Phone 8.1 is compelling, so stop dreaming of Android

Windows Phone 8.1 is compelling, so stop dreaming of Android

Summary: Windows Phone continues to improve with the latest 8.1 update, and offers enterprise users a personal experience with the power of Microsoft and Exchange in their hands.

Windows Phone 8.1 is compelling so stop dreaming of Android
(Image: Microsoft)

A couple years ago, GigaOm's Kevin Tofel and I, along with most of the mobile tech community, questioned whether Nokia should have gone with Android as its primary mobile operating system instead of Windows Phone.

A lot has changed since 2011. Now that we see Microsoft owning Nokia's hardware and devices group, people are one again questioning whether Android is the better mobile operating system for the Microsoft-Nokia duo.

I admit to dreaming about a Nokia Lumia 1020 running Android where I would get the ultimate camera phone experience with an operating system that has all the apps I could ever want. With Samsung now dominating the Android platform and making devices with excellent cameras, that dream is no more. But I still want to see Microsoft continue to embrace Windows Phone and encourage developers to bring their apps to the platform.

As much as I like using iOS and Android devices, a world with just iOS and Android does not appeal to me. Both Windows Phone and BlackBerry continue to remain as viable smartphone alternatives. ZDNet's Simon Bisson wrote a great article about how Windows Phone is the new BlackBerry for businesses. Both of these platforms offer up optimized communications experiences — single inbox, quick access to status of your contacts, integrated services in one hub/area — unlike what can be seen on iOS and Android.

Windows Phone is focused on making your device a very personal experience with an entire user interface dedicated to each person's personal tastes and needs. After initial startup and setup is completed, you will not find another Windows Phone exactly like yours. On the other hand, you will find plenty of iPhones and Android smartphones that look the same as everyone elses. This personal experience is extended to services and communication methods as well.

Aside from the personalization aspects, Windows Phone offers a stable and secure platform for the enterprise. Several people in my office use Windows Phone due to the powerful Exchange integration and access to our network. There are some limitations with other operating systems at work — it can't be said about other platforms on Microsoft's services.

Windows Phone apps are designed with a Metro look and feel that makes them unique in the smartphone space and mirrors the elements you now see on Windows 8. Running Android apps on Windows Phone would destroy the Metro experience and possibly expose businesses to the dangers of Android malware and viruses.

While Windows Phone is not perfect, Microsoft continues to improve the operating system and Windows 8.1 is a revolutionary update. I love the current Developer Preview on my Lumia 1520 and look forward to the update from Nokia rolling out right now.

Developers continue to roll out apps for Windows Phone and the stability of the platform can't be beat. Roll on Windows Phone, roll on.

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  • I Just Read An Article Today That Said Windows Phone Was Dead!

    MacDailyNews ran an article of how Windows Phone's insignificant marketshare dropped even further (if that's even possible, considering how miniscule it already was)!

    Yet MS will keep throwing billions at it in perpetuity... in the hope of strong arming, bullying, and otherwise outspending their competition, just like they used to win marketshare wars in the old days.

    The sad part for MS is the fact that this isn't the old days.

    One day soon MS shareholders will simply have to let Windows RT, Bing, Xbox, Surface, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.x wither away and die!
    • re:

      Oh, I see it already has!
      Sir Name
      • Sir Name

        You are so witty, I nearly fell off my chair laughing /s
    • MacDailyNews

      Now there's an objective third party.
    • Actually...

      "Yet MS will keep throwing billions at it in perpetuity... in the hope of strong arming, bullying, and otherwise outspending their competition..."

      Samsung fits this much better. A huge incumbent that spends more in marketing that the next 15 (Android) competitors combined, spams the market with devices and waits for others to introduce innovations that it then takes and incorporates into their next product line. MS is too small to do what you accuse actually. They will rise or fall on the quality of their offering in a world of much, much larger and well entrenched competitors, much like Apple has had to do on the PC.

      "let Windows RT, Bing, Xbox, Surface, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.x wither away and die!"

      Yeah, what a wonderful vision... All Hail Google right?
      widow maker
      • Samsung steals eh?

        Name off the technologies that Samsung has waited for others to develop before incorporating them into their phones. Please be specific. And don't start with "a phone with rounded corners"...
        • Are You Serious?

          Name off the technologies that Samsung has waited for others to develop before incorporating them into their phones?? How about capacitive touch screens for starters? Samsung wasn't making smart phones with capacitive screens until iPhone came out. Your question is so ludicrous I won't even bother to go further, Samsung has copied the daylights out of Apple and their designs.
          • Their copying history goes further than the iPhone.

            Didn't they wait for Palm to incorporate the Touchstone wireless charging, only for them to claim later that Samsung was the first to do such a thing? Blackberry clones of yesteryear? They're been cloning so much of what Apple was doing I lost track. For instance they could have added fingerprint sensors way before Apple but didn't. Now that Apple added fingerprint, Samsung is on a mission to incorporate it on all their products. Shameful.
          • I don't find it Shameful,

            after all that is the way businesses work, using the best of the ideas that have come before from various sources, even Apple does it, Google and Microsoft are just as guilty. I think Samsung's biggest problem is that they rely too much on advertising, unwilling to build the devices they need to make to win. They need to lower the number of devices they throw at the wall, perhaps into families.

            The S range- flagships
            The Note Range-Premium phablets
            The Ace range, so ace 4 (2014) ace 5(2014) ace 6 (2014) low cost handsets by size
            The tab range( low cost tablets)
            tab s-premium tablets

            and one more range the mid end mobiles, not sure what they'd call it.

            so six mobile types instead of good knows how many variants.

            This approach would be better.
          • Yeah I'm dead serious

            Samsung created the Prada which is what the iPhone was a copy of! Guess who made all of the tech in an iPhone? Samsung! You are making me laugh so hard right now.
            Christopher Moor
        • Metro's split screen

          Pointless they say, when Microsoft is doing it.
      • Microsoft Small?

        Microsoft, while no longer a monopoly is still the largest software company in the world. Oracle is the next largest, but Microsoft is twice as large as Oracle. Everyone has the idea, from the media, that Android and ios have the market place sewed up and they do, but only in the small device category, i.e. tablets and smartphones.
    • Ha Ha Great Source

      I read in the china daily news that the US was launching missiles against cuba. Seriously, Mac daily news for your windows news????
    • And one day soon you'll have to admit the truth

      and on that day I see you standing at MS doorstep crying "why won't your products die?!!!! AHHHHH!!"

      The sad part for orandy is the fact that this isn't the old days, people don't blindly believe everything orandy has to say.

      I doubt many believe ANYTHING he says. :)
    • seriously?

      You must be high and joking...
      Still beating the 'let xbox and bing die' drums? At what point are people going to realise that when one has 50%+ marketshare and the other has 20%+ and climbing marketshare, and is more about it's backend services (project satori) then what has been seen on the front end, that both are turning into quite good investments.

      As for WinRT, it will either die and be replaced by WinPh, or keep on living, but either way, it is something that MS should keep going for a couple more years. 2 years is hardly enough time to settle on what the market is doing (although the latest Gartner stuff suggests it will become a niche area).

      As for Win 8 - take your pick of either it is driving, or it was ahead of its time, but the latest gartner stuff is now showing that a major growth area is in the ultramobile pcs powered by none other than Win8 (and includes Surface).

      So you 0 from 6 items there. Good thing your not a strategy person otherwise your recommendations would be along the lines of - take every good opportunity you have and kill it, now take all the old things you were doing, and just keep doing them, it'll be fine.
    • Mr. "Stay In The Past- NYAAAA!"

      As a fellow Mac User (just like YOU) and a Windows user, your thoughts make my devices "cry". Just stop or go use Ubuntu.
    • How can you be first to troll on every microsoft related post?

      No I mean really : how Can you do that ?
      Maxime Tremblay
      • And the irony is...

        ...this POS uses different accounts to complain when people rip his cult, alleging that everyone should calm down and stop attacking different OS's.

        If religious fanaticism can make people fly into buildings, it can make them do all sorts of weird thing. And Apple is a religion even more fanatical than Islam.
    • Macdaily News, Really

      No bois there. Macdaily news and several paid shill journalists have a mission to destroy Microsoft and that's a fact not a fanboy rant.
  • WP is simply the best phone OS

    It has a great user experience. It has the most modern, coherent, and accessible development platform. Other than the faddish nature of iPhones and the me too-ness of Samdroid purchases, there's no reason it shouldn't be the market leader. Oh well, give it time.

    Having said all that, let the MS bashing begin!
    Sir Name