Windows Phone climbing in UK, but cheap Androids reign in Spain and Italy

Windows Phone climbing in UK, but cheap Androids reign in Spain and Italy

Summary: According to new research, Nokia is helping push up Windows Phone device shipments while BlackBerry is yet to make its comeback felt in some major European countries.


Windows Phone's market share is continuing to inch up in the UK, but sub-€150 Androids reign in Spain and Italy.

According to research by Kantar Worldpanel, Windows Phone's share of the UK smartphone market for the three months to April has grown from four percent a year ago to 8.4 percent, most likely led by sales of Nokia devices. 

Meanwhile, Nokia's fellow third-place contender, BlackBerry, has seen its share tumble, from 13.6 percent last year to 5.6 percent of the UK smartphone market in the most recent quarter.

Android still dominates in UK, with 56.9 percent of sales — up 6.8 percentage points on the same period last year. It's followed by iOS with 28.7 percent, a decrease of 1.6 points year on year.

Kantar carried out 177,000 interviews with consumers across Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain for its latest report, which found Windows Phone's share across the big five is now 6.7 percent, up three points year-on-year, while BlackBerry's is now 2.5 percent, down 4.3 points.

Across all five countries, iOS accounted for 18.4 percent of sales, down 1.8 points year-on-year — iOS has seen a year-on-year decline in share for iOS in all markets except France, where it grew 1.2 points year on year to 20.1 percent — while Android at 69.6 percent was up 9.5 points.

The different states of each country's economy appears to be shaping smartphone sales in Europe, according to Kantar's global insight director Dominic Sunnebo, who notes that Samsung's Galaxy S3 accounted for just 4.7 percent of sales in Spain, compared with 23.5 percent in Germany over the three-month period.

"The increasing desire for handsets costing under €150 in Spain and Italy has helped Sony and LG to drive serious share gains. In Spain, Sony has a 19 percent share and LG is up to 17 percent from just three percent the previous year," Sunnebo wrote, pointing to the vendor's entry level devices, the Sony Xperia U and LG Optimus L3 and L5 models.

Androids accounted for 92.8 percent of sales in Spain and 66.7 percent in Italy, up 11.7 and 18.8 points respectively year-on-year.

Sunnebo told ZDNet that Nokia was tackling cash-strapped Spain and most notably, Italy — where its share of sales is 10.5 percent — through discounted older products such as the Lumia 800 and 610. Meanwhile, Nokia's UK sales are leading with the 620 and 820.

According to Kantar, Windows Phone share of sales has also grown in the US, where it accounted for 5.6 percent of sales, up from 3.8 percent a year ago, largely driven by Nokia's Lumia devices. Nokia said recently it was expecting to ship more than seven million Lumia phones worldwide in the second quarter of this year.

Android still dominates in the US, growing year-on-year from 50.3 percent to 51.7 percent, while iOS grew 2.3 points to 41.4 percent. BlackBerry sales for the three months to April accounted for just 0.7 percent, according to Kantar.

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  • Proof of the pudding

    It just goes to show that no matter how bankrupt the Spanish get, they still will not lower their standards to buy a windows phone.

    That speaks volumes, read another review today about the Lumia 928 on Tech Hive where even the High end Lumias suffer lag, but then as the hardware is 2010 I guess it's not suprising. Quote

    "The phone’s gaming capabilities are likewise disappointing: Although the Lumia 928 runs buttery smooth while browsing the Web or switching between apps, the phone has issues playing games with advanced 3D graphics. In my tests, games such as Asphalt Heat 7 and Modern Combat 4 took a considerable amount of time to start up, and weren’t as responsive as they were on other platforms. Even simple games like Angry Birds caused the Lumia 928 to heat up, obviously taxing the antiquated 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor."

    So if all you want to do is look at tiles go for the Lumia, for the grown ups it's Android.
    • Be careful with nationalistic stereotyping

      After all ... Apple's products saw their greatest sales increases here in the US during the country's deepest recession in living memory.

      FWIW, My 920 has never stuttered or lagged while playing AngryBirds nor MC4. And the reason so many WP users enjoy glancing at their tiles is that their tiles actually communicate useful information and/or notifications, unlike the static grid of icons presented in iOS/droid.
      • Not used android then?

        It's just we've been talking about these things called widgets for quite some time now. Now WP has tiles, clearly they're all the rage.

        Be careful stereotyping about things you clearly know nothing about.
        Little Old Man
  • Android is the new Windows

    Android does not limit developers so you get the lot compared to 'just a phone' IOS and WP.
    • yup, you get a lot, including all the malware

      Android has more malware in the wild than all the others combined. people will eventually figure that out. Open means not safe!
      • Ha a co-worker plugged is new S4 into his desktop, instant Virus on his PC


        I just laughed and said why didn't you get a 928 Lumia, and he also had to get a phone condom for it, otherwise it would shatter set down to hard.
      • Re: yup, you get a lot, including all the malware

        Pray tell, where can I get me some of this legendary Android malware? Because I keep hearing about it from esteemed readers such as yourself, yet I have never come across any. Do you have a specific link?

        Because it's not like Windows, which you can just leave connected to the Internet for 20 minutes and it will automatically pick up a worm or virus. But these don't exist for Android.
    • Yeah, Milwares!

      Yeah! That's why you are full of bugs, malware and virus!
  • Windows Phone climbing in UK, but cheap Androids reign in Spain and Italy

    That is because Microsoft Windows Phone is a great mobile device. Easy to use with a simple interface. I expect the growth to continue.
  • Still Havent seen one

    I haven't actually seen a single Windows Phone, apart from once in a shop window.
    • If you are UK based ..

      I suggest you keep your eyes open and not fall off the platform.

      On my commute in/out of London I see more 820s in people hands. Not a big number but by my statistics more than the 5% mentioned here.
      The number of iPh4 with shattered screens is more and undoubtedly big Samsungs have all beat
      • Re: On my commute in/out of London I see more 820s in people hands

        Those were store dummies.
  • Part of the problem

    For Windows Phone is that it has no virus protection.

    Everyone know how much malware and viruses there is on windows, and when people find out that Windows Phone has no virus software they run away.

    I think alot of people with a windows phone probably have a virus, but because they don't have Norton on it, there is no way of knowing for sure. (I think constant reboots is a good sign though, and this is well discussed on Nokia support forums)

    I returned my Lumia 920 as it constantly rebooted, and I was convinced it was part of a bot-net. So I took no chances and swapped it for a Nexus 4.

    Installed AVG and never had a virus ever.

    Just my $2c
    • Don't you mean "just your troll", or "just your shill"?

      You know everything you just said was total make believe, yet you still posted it.

      Such a sad, lonely life you lead, that must is undeniable
      William Farrel
      • made up my exact thoughts

        just the I returned my phone proves it, the carrier will just laugh and say yeah you can buy another phone at full price, we don't take returns
      • Ahhhh

        It's great when you hit the spot !

        It's my opinion, sorry you find the truth hard to accept

        When windows phone was released it had the Windows Vista kernel, and the blue update will make it the same as windows 8

        So windows phone is now susceptible to all the Internet Explorer exploits that run on windows 8.

        And thats a FACT
    • @Deja vu

      in simple words for you windows phone does not has virus as it is a closed system as iPhone in simple.
      Windows OS is different from windows phone OS.
      • Your are wrong

        Windows now shares the same Kernel across all platforms

        So Microsoft have basically ported 3 million viruses to Windows Phone

        I suppose they have to get the "app" count up lol
    • Umm good story...

      Next time you tell stories make them more interesting please as I can't sleep on such boring ones :3
    • Liar Liar pant on fire!

      That your comment is from the movie 'the biggest story ever told'. Constantly rebooting Lumia 920 is a tall story and it must come out of other end of a bull. From what we know, Android users tend to reboot their phone often.