Windows Phone to close in on iPhone by 2017

Windows Phone to close in on iPhone by 2017

Summary: Microsoft and its partners are starting to operate on all cylinders and Canalys forecasts show Windows Phone market share nearly matching Apple's iPhone by 2017.

Windows Phone to challenge iPhone by 2017
(Image: Nokia)

As Jack wrote yesterday there looks to be no slowing down for Android in the smartphone world, but another non-Apple company is predicted to make major advancements in the next four years.

While forecasts in the mobile space are difficult to make since things move so fast, I find it encouraging to see Canalys predict that Windows Phone will rise to secure third place and even closely match Apple and the iPhone by 2017.

(Image: Canalys)

We have seen Apple's market share stay fairly flat for some time, likely because a single, very expensive iPhone is released once a year while we see devices across the pricing and quality spectrum running Android and Windows Phone.

I wrote about the falling average selling price and the flip from feature phones to smartphones this year and moving forward. We will see growth from the four major smartphone platforms moving forward, but Windows Phone is predicted to have the largest change in market share.

Windows Phone has taken nearly three years to get to about 3 percent, but with things like Halo for Windows Phone, flagship devices on major US carriers, and low cost, full-featured phones Microsoft is doing the right things to position themselves for success.

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  • I buy the best device

    Which is why I bought my Surface RT and my Nokia Lumia 920.

    Clinging to marketshare numbers as some kind of consolation prize for buying a bad device shows incredible insecurity. Why are so many apple posters here on ZDNet so insecure about their purchase?

    So kudos to Microsoft and Nokia. You've created the best combination of smartphone hardware and software the world has ever seen. You get those kudos regardless of your marketshare. Likewise, iphone sucks, regardless of its marketshare, regardless of how many astro turfers apple marketing unleashes on ZDNet.
    • Shilling again?

      If you were so "secure", you would not need to shill for ANYBODY. You'd be your own man instead of prostituting your views and opinions for others. That is what secure individuals do, even those who need/prefer MS products.
      • And further to that ....

        "I buy the best device" shows an unbelievable ignorance and arrogance (or perhaps better, just plain stupidity) on your part in failing to recognize/acknowledge/appreciate that there may be MANY, MANY users out there whose definition of "best device" may just be quite different from yours.

        What an a$$.
        • You are both overly opinionated...

          But that is just my opinion.
        • Best device

          I sort of agree.

          He should be saying the device that best suits HIS needs. There is no "best" device, a lot of people love iPhones and iPads, but they don't suit my needs, so I have an Android phone and a Windows tablet. That doesn't make the iOS devices necessarily bad, just as it doesn't make my devices the "best", they are just a better fit for me.
          • When you're

            An "Invite Only" member of the Microsoft Mobius Mobile Evangelist Group, there is only one choice. The sad thing is the sheer number of screen names he's created to push his agenda.
            Troll Hunter J
      • So sharing an opinion

        on a forum that's there for opinions is shilling? Or makes him not a man? So I suppose that makes all of us shills, right? I find it a quite open and honest statement coming from you, to be perfectly honest.

        Since we know these are for opinions, it is his opinion that the Windows Phone platform is the best. I also prefer Windows Phone, enough that I was willing to pay full price for an HTC 8x on Verizon before my contract was up. Surface RT I'm not really sure I agree with. If I were given the choice of RT or iPad, I'd likely choose iPad. Now I would take Surface Pro over either (and did) and prefer it over the iPad I own. Although the iPad is great for time wasting games. The Surface Pro is even better for regular gaming though. Xbox + Surface Pro + SNES, PS1, N64 emulators = gaming greatness.

        I will say the HTC One is a very tempting Android phone though. It looks amazing. If it were on Verizon already I would probably consider getting one in a couple weeks.
        • The HTC One is coming to verizon

          I think I read it is coming in June, but it may have been July.

          Wish I could find the article for the specifics. Hope it helps.
          • Late Summer is all they said

            So it could buy July/August. I don't care for buying a smartphone that long after it comes out and if HTC doesn't start improving I'll be nervous about buying their devices in general. Plus there's a very strong rumor about a quad core SnapDragon 800 Nokia Windows Phone device hitting by the end of the year along with Windows Phone Blue. Give me that, 1080p, 4.5"+ and the additional row of tiles we're likely to see for a large screen device and I'm in. I'll happily wait for that.

            I'd get the One now and get that later but my wife tends to think spending $500+ on a new device every 6 months or so is a waste of money. I have no idea why she thinks that!
          • Or September n/m

            No message.
        • Comprehension issues?

          He did not state it as an opinion. He stated is as fact. Then he proceeded to put down people who may make different purchasing decisions.

          Defending toddy puts you on pretty thin ice in my book.

          • I wasn't defending him

            I think a blind commitment to any product based on name is incredibly stupid. I also find it incredibly funny that the argument for many blind Microsoft fans was market share over the years and the Apple fans argument was that market share doesn't matter and now the tables are completely different. In fact toddy is guilty of the very thing he was accusing others of.

            However you didn't attack his statements, you attacked him and said that he was a shill and a prostitute for stating his opinion. Which is the entire point of a forum. I was pointing out that those statements are your opinion and expressing your opinion clearly makes you a shill and a prostitute. Or some such nonsense.

            You used to have some reasonable posts. Now you spend your time responding to a handful of a MS fanboys. Tell me how that's any more constructive than Toddy's comments? You're right, it's not. Of course, neither is this.
          • Perhaps you can explain to me ...

            why doing nothing about blatant shills and their posts is more constructive than doing something?

            The shills are here to influence debates and opinions. I choose to expose/challenge/ridicule them. You prefer to allow them to operate quietly and unchallenged.

            I guess you are familiar with Edmund Burke:

            "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

            Corporate greed and attempts at total market domination is in a sense "evil". I guess facing that fact and considering countering it is just too inconvenient for you.

            Well, you just lost my respect. I have principles in my life. Perhaps you don't.
        • Oh, please. This guy is a classic troll

          He'll grab some point some poster made at some time, then turn it into his troll pony for a period of time. His current vaudeville trick is build quality and marketshare vs. profit/revenue.
          • He's also unhealthily obsessed with

            Apple, to the point where he judges everything compared to that company and its products. Even this post compares the stuff he buys to Apple products.
        • When you constantly bleat

          The same crap, under several screen names. You're more than likely a schill. This character has said "kudos to Microsoft, the Zune is the best", then "kudos to Microsoft, the Zune HD isthe best", then "kudos to Microsoft the Kin is the best", then "kudos to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series OS, is the best" then "kudos to Microsoft, and Nokia, the Lumia 900 is the best", the "kudos to Microsoft" line gets old after a while, because Microsoft doesn't always make the "best".
          Troll Hunter J
    • He is such a weirdo

      I think toddbottom3 must be crazy or have some psychological problems.
      • Got to Love Toddy

        Geez doesnt Toddy feel loved :P
      • Todd bottom

        Or Will Farrel, or Matt Miller is a "Invite Only" member of the Microsoft Mobius Mobile Evangelist Group. So there is a serious conflict of Interest. He made up the other characters, for when he feels more extreme. Though there have been numerous ToS violations, he's not getting booted, so logically, he's a character created by Matt Miller, to express his extremest viewpoint.
        Troll Hunter J
    • That is very true

      The UI language is just superior to iOS and Android, it is just natural and so effective. Both Windows Phone and Windows 8 have set a high bar. The numbers are function of early advantage and what is being pushed by mobile providers, one is peddling Android and other is peddling iPhone.

      On the tablet, once you use Surface the rest look like toys and gimmicky. The full desktop OS port to ARM tablet will be always powerful than the Phone OS'es scaled for tablet. Best for work and play both, use touch for consumption and mouse/keyboard for creation