Windows Vista: 10 top tricks and tips

Windows Vista: 10 top tricks and tips

Summary: Videos of new features in the OS for every IT manager.


ZDNet Australia has filmed 10 tips and tricks to try and help you get familiar with some of Windows Vista's new features.

If you have recently moved to Windows Vista (or are about to), then let Microsoft Australia's Paul Randle guide you through 10 tips and tricks that should help you get off to a good start.

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Munir Kotadia

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  • How is this news?

    Zdnet, how much as MS paid you this time? Running 4 Vista 'advertisment' articals all at once?
  • for news, go to the news section

    this is insight. not news.
  • thanks pal

    was on the font page as headlines when I saw it, pal
  • "Headlines" shouldn't contain advertisements

    I agree, that the News and Headlines section should not contain what are obviously advertisements. It has been interesting to check the "Headlines" for the past two weeks, and see how many How-To's about Vista that there are. It is very disappointing that ZDNet seems to have become primarily a MS advertiser. I think that ZDNet needs to look at it's editorial policy a little more carefully and reassess what News may be of interest to the wider IT community.
  • Vista

    All the comments so far have been from Apple and or Linux Users.
    As they feel a need to "Knock" Windows, otherwise people will find out that Windows is actually easier to use than Apple and Linux is for "Power Users" and not for NOVICES at all !
    Even a 10 year old (or younger) can run a Windows Computer whereas (as previously stated) Linux is Power Users ONLY.
    And they don't like Windows as a consequence, so they rubbish it at every opportunity.
  • Windows Vista

    One thing that really gets me is the CPU usage, it consitantly runs at 50% for 1 core on a dual core. Why? My BIGGEST complaint is when printing to Adobe off the web it sends the printed file "for my protection" so they say to an unknow location. I have tried several imes to find it and even asked it to open the location only to find NO FILE! What in the name of computing is that all about?
  • Really all that new?

    Some of the features mentioned really aren't that new. For example, the Windows Key + M was implemented in Windows XP, as well as many other combinations (Windows Key + E for Explorer Window, Windows Key + L for screen lock, etc.). As well, Sticky Keys has been around since at least Windows 2000.
  • Wow, Vista has features from Win9x!

    Imagine, Windows-M minimizing everything, do we really need a video to show us something that's been in windows for years?

    How about some real news guys?
  • less of him ..more of the screen

    i think it would be better if the camera can focus on the screen more than his face..

    For those of you using XP, try pressing WinKey + M right now. Hey that's a surprise, it takes you right to your desktop! How about the shift key five times? Oh no wait, that's already in XP, too. And tabbed browsing is in IE7 -- hardly Vista-specific. I think the writer or editor thought that "10 top tricks" sounded better than something like "7 top tricks"