Wired's comical inside look into the NSA...

Wired's comical inside look into the NSA...

Summary: A fun new animated series: Codefellas

TOPICS: Data Centers

Codefellas EP1: When Topple met Winters 

It's well written. 

"Takes you inside the secretive world of a slightly askew NSA, with the eccentric Agent Topple, played by John Hodgman, and his young hacker protégé, Nicole Winters."

Visit the Wired channel for more video: http://www.youtube.com/wired

Topic: Data Centers

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  • Hilarious!

    But when they faked the moon landing, how did they get signals to come out of the sky into Russian and other radiotelescopes with the proper data, voice, video, and with carriers cutting out and back in at the exact times the spacecraft was supposed to be going behind the moon and back in front of it, with exactly the correct Doppler shift to match the spacecraft's supposed radial velocity toward or away from Earth? And how did they fool the Australian observatory's people who pointed their antenna at the moon, picked up Armstrong's landing video, and fed it TO NASA so the rest of the world would see it?

    Maybe we had a SECRET moon base long BEFORE Apollo? And still have it? "Enquiring" minds want to know!
  • Of course the moon landing wasn't really faked


    Back in the real world, this video about how it would have been impossible to fake the moon landing is really interesting, especially the last couple of minutes.

    Roger Bamforth