Wireless charger Swich is stylish design hit

Wireless charger Swich is stylish design hit

Summary: Swich – the Smartphone Wireless Charger is a stylish accessory for your mobile device made entirely from sustainable materials.


Wireless charging stations often render the device difficult to see when in use. A stylish new wireless charger aims to maximise our use of our device whilst it is charging.

The Swich is made from American Walnut and ceramic. The blend of natural materials and “sophisticated technology" enables you to charge your phone in a "viewer friendly" angle.

Image: Swich

Your phone stays at an optimum angle due to the "microsuction" structure, an acrylic foam sheet with micro suction cups.

Wireless transmission does not exceed 7mm from the stand to avoid interference.

You can rotate the orientation of your phone from portrait to landscape when connected. If your phone has a receiver such as a Nokia Lumia or Nexus 5 your device has the Qi receiver built in.

Some iPhone models use receiver cases and others use receiver patches. There are several other Qi enabled phones around which can be charged wirelessly.

Boris Lutman, head of design and CEO of Swich said that the device is: "simple and user friendly, bringing a new perspective on charging".

Swich enables you to watch clips or use apps whilst the phone is charging without struggling with cables.

The Ljubljana, Slovenia based team has envisaged a perfect phone charger with full usability, a great aesthetic design which enables your phone to “float” above the desk whilst charging.

It will be available in different colours and will cost $140 online at the Swich charger site.

Wireless charger Swich is stylish design hit ZDNet
Image: Swich

Swich has already exceeded its $25,000 initial goal for its Kickstarter campaign with pledges so far totalling over $43,000.

It is well on the way to its $50,000 stretch goal which will enable the Swich to be manufactured in extra colour options.

Image: Swich

$100,000 would add a built in battery to the Swich which would enable it to continue to charge your device in the event of a power outage. This is a really useful option where adverse weather impacts the power supply to the town.

Design junkies who love their iOS devices will covet its streamlined stylish form. It is a must-have accessory for sleek modern spaces. Roll on November when we can all get a chance to own one of these iconic technology design classics.

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  • So wasteful

    Is it really worth throwing away 15% of the energy because you're too lazy to plug it in?
    Buster Friendly
    • Could be for durability reasons.

      Wireless charging saves plug-ins and plug-outs for the micro-USB slot.

      Additionally, some unlucky people already have broken micro-USB slots, but they have phones with wireless charging support.
      • When...?

        ...is someone going to invent one of these with a proximity detector? Surely there must be enough metal to trigger a magnetic induction switch?
        • That's not too hard

          That's not too hard to do. You just have system power the coil and some polling interval and watch the load. The inefficiency is when it comes to actual charging which is only running around 85% on the best units.
          Buster Friendly
          • That should be

            "And some polling interval" should be "at some polling interval." This site seriously needs an edit.
            Buster Friendly
    • Dont be so critical

      The simple act of laying the phone on a charging plate versus fishing the cord end out from behind the bureau has helped members of my family remember to charge their devices each day. The energy efficiency difference is de minimus in an average home.
      • Use a clip

        Use a clip to hold the cable, or better yet, get a phone with a swappable battery. I swap the phone battery with the cradle battery in the morning if it's low.
        Buster Friendly
  • Awesome

    Cool accessory!