Worst pitch of the month: 'Beets' headphones by OrigAudio

Worst pitch of the month: 'Beets' headphones by OrigAudio

Summary: This month's winner looks more like something we'd see on a weak Saturday Night Live sketch rather than a serious product being sold to raise money for charity.


It's the last day of the month, which means it's time to recap the worst PR pitch received during the last 30 days.

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April was a bit of a tricky month for this — especially given the inundation of fake ones sent out on the first day trying to fool (or just tease) journalists and readers alike.

Perhaps those shouldn't be discounted either. Sometimes April Fool's jokes can be clever. Other times, they're plain dumb.

This one falls somewhere in the middle.

It's not an April Fool's joke. (We think, considering we received it only a few days ago — unless the team behind it was really late to the game.)

But it's very difficult to take seriously — even for someone who really loves beets (no, really).

Here's our unlucky winner:


You simply can't BEAT a deal this good, because you can finally get a pair of those outside noise reduction headphones everyone's been talking about for only $25.00. Our new "Beets" by OrigAudio headphones come in six unique colors and support an even better cause.

These headphones have been the talk of the web after being featured on Mashable, Gizmodo, Engadget, and more. Raved about for the different style they portray but also for the cool, giving back element they provide as we donate a can of beets to a local food bank for each pair sold.

Surf on over to www.origaudio.com and grab a pair today for only $25.00.

At first, I felt bad about making fun of this one considering proceeds are going to a very good cause.

But then I thought if I mention the silly headset and the charity in this column, at least then they are getting some additional (and probably needed) attention.

I just find the spoof on the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones brand to be more like something we'd see on a weak Saturday Night Live sketch rather than a serious product being sold to raise money for charity.

Regardless, here's a promo video for a quick chuckle (or eye roll):

Image via OrigAudio

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  • I think its pretty clever actually

    They're not asking for a lot of money, so as a novelty item for nerds who appreciate a good spoof, I think this isn't so bad.
  • Beats headphones >:O

    were overpriced garbage anyways. These spoof ones just show how the same product can be made and there zero wasted money going to a washed up over hyped rap "artist". I'd totally buy some save for the fact that the design was ugly in the first place. They should have modeled them after a better brand instead ... but i guess that would have taken the novelty out of them.
  • This is awesome

    I'm a marketing exec so I have to come up with my fair share of pitches. I saw this one and absolutely loved it. There's no better way to get noticed than coming up with a clever pitch like this. Really cool concept for the product and an even better giving back component. This isn't worst pitch of the month, it's one of the better pitches I've seen in over 20 years.

    Rachel do you know what you're talking about here? If not BEET it.