Write your name in the Firefox code

Write your name in the Firefox code

Summary: Firefox browser users have the chance to 'immortalise' their names in Firefox 2, according to Mozilla Foundation

TOPICS: Networking

Mozilla Foundation is offering to "immortalise" people's names in the code of Firefox 2.0, if they manage to persuade a friend to download its Firefox Web browser before 15 September.

To commemorate the creation of Mozilla Foundation three years ago, Mozilla announced on 15 July that if Firefox users persuade a friend to download Firefox, both the user and the friends' names will be added to the source code of the latest version of the browser, Firefox 2.

"Share Firefox with a friend. If your friend downloads Firefox before September 15, you'll both be immortalised in Firefox 2," said Mozilla Foundation in a statement.

Firefox has steadily gained market share since its launch in November 2004. According to recent statistics from Web analytics firm OneStat, Firefox has a global usage share of 12.93 percent, with Microsoft Internet Explorer dropping to 83.05 percent of the market.

Apple's Safari browser had 1.84 percent global usage, while Opera had one percent.

Topic: Networking

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  • Hmmm, hopefully that won't be too succesfull. I don't like bloated source code. But, you can still download and don't tell.