WWDC 2013: The hardware Apple didn't announce

WWDC 2013: The hardware Apple didn't announce

Summary: There's a lot of excitement over Apple's WWDC announcements yesterday, but there are a significant amount of hardware predictions that didn't make the cut.

WWDC 2013: The hardware Apple didn't announce - Jason O'Grady

Apple's WWDC hardware announcements (MacBook Air, Mac Pro and AirPort) are pretty cool, but there was just as much hardware that didn't make the cut at yesterday's keynote. Here's a short list. 

A new iPhone 5S/6 – While we got a preview of iOS 7, no new iPhone hardware followed. This isn't surprising as developers need to get their hands on the new iOS and APIs and get their apps working properly with iOS 7 before a new iPhone is released. Look for a new iPhone in the fall.

New iPads – I was personally hoping for a Retina iPad mini yesterday, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Some attribute it to components, speculating that the Retina panel still isn't thin enough to fit into the iPad mini's smaller bezel, while others speculate that the batteries necessary to power a Retina mini aren't thin enough and/or aren't delivering acceptable run times yet.

New MacBook Pros – While Apple gave us a nice update to the popular MacBook Air (albeit without a Retina panel) it didn't release a bump to the MacBook Pro (nor one with a thinner form factor). This wasn't surprising though, the MacBook Pro was just updated in October 2012 and it already has a Retina display option. When the workhorse MBP gets its eventual bump (likely in the fall or Q1 2014) look for it to inherit the Intel Haswell chip, PCIe SSD, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi that just arrived in the new 'Air.

iWatch – I'm not surprised that Apple didn't announced its rumored watch yesterday. As I wrote in my piece handicapping WWDC the timing isn't right for iWatch. Even though Tim Cook finds wearables "incredibly interesting" and Apple has filed for a trademark on the term "iWatch," the hardware isn't ready for prime time. iWatch is a holiday-quarter product if there ever was one. 

The Apple television set seems to be a joke at this point and almost no one was expecting one to arrive at WWDC, so let's just put that one to bad for the time being.  

What hardware were you secretly wishing Apple would announce?

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  • New products

    Apple did surprise us (finally!) with the new Mac Pro!
    The updates to the Air was nice and once the MacBookPro inventories dwindle down (higher manufacturing cost), there will be an update with the new chips.

    Wasn't expecting much on the iPhone/iPad front although a Retina iPad Mini would be nice soon.

    Was hoping for a new Display that is thinner like the new iMacs with HDMI input for my VESA mounts. But now with our Darth Vader Mac Pro, it may come out all black instead of the alum look.
    Looking forward to seeing how Battlefield 4 performs on the new Mac Pro! Maybe DICE will even consider coming out with a Mac version this fall!
    The Mac Pro will fit nicely in a Pelican case to tote around to your nearby co-working space!

    OS X Mavericks is looking good with Trestles, Wedge, Rincon, Malibu, Zuma and the Venice versions all in the pipeline.

    I like the new look and functionality of iOS 7. A great job considering it was done in 7 months or less... It's almost like re-branding a major product which sometimes take years to accomplish.
  • Pundits & Analysts

    Yes, the pundits and analysts were predicting lots of new hardware announcements, proving once again that they're basically carnival fortune tellers, just not as accurate or as entertaining.
    • Agreed...

      ...and then Apple gets hit in the stock markets when the rumours and speculation are inevitably inaccurate. Reading the WSJ stuff yesterday on the Stocks app on the iPhone it was painfully obvious that they just didn't get it.
  • Thunderbolt Display

    I'm waiting for a new 27" Thunderbolt Display.
    • Thunderbolt Display

      I am with you,Apple needs to release a new 27" Thunderbolt Display ASAP, so everyone can stop waiting!
  • Seriously!?

    Tim Cook said there won't be any new hardware updates till the fall, so why is everyone surprised there weren't any announcements? The Mac Pro was almost a must announcement since Cook hinted at something last year and users have been impatiently waiting. However, it won't be available until this Fall.