Yahoo acquires 'Pandora for places' startup Zofari

Yahoo acquires 'Pandora for places' startup Zofari

Summary: Yahoo has added yet another startup to the fold with the purchase of app developer Zofari, a provider of location-based recommendations.

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Yahoo's acquisition rampage continues on, and the latest firm to be snapped up is Zofari.

Zofari currently offers an iPhone and Android application which provides location-based recommendations within your environment. The small company, inspired by "what Pandora has done for music and Netflix has done for movies," decided to become a "Pandora for Places" by creating an application which offers recommendations and new places based on restaurants, bars and cafes users already know and love.

As the user changes their location, recommendations for new places to visit also shift.

In a blog post, Zofari said:

"While we've built an experience we couldn't be more proud of, we're a small company and have always dreamed of reaching users at a greater scale. After meeting some of the amazing folks on the Yahoo Search team and hearing about their vision, the decision for our team to join Yahoo was an easy one."

The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, and for now, Zofari's apps are still available. The Zofari team remain tight-lipped on what they'll be working on next, besides, "We can't talk about what we're working on yet but needless to say we are very, very excited."

In July, Yahoo picked up Flurry, a mobile app analytics firm with offices worldwide. The company provides mobile developers, marketers and publishers with data on app audience, usage and performance.

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  • Yahoo has moved up

    in my eyes. Within the last years I have added the following yahoo services to my android phone and/or ipad; sports, weather and I use Aviate as my current launcher.