Yahoo becomes AVG Secure Search provider

Yahoo becomes AVG Secure Search provider

Summary: The deal gives Yahoo potential exposure to AVG's 143 million users, and gives Secure Search users access to an alternative search provider.

TOPICS: Security

AVG has signed a deal with Yahoo that will see users of the security firm's Secure Search tool able to select Yahoo as their chosen search provider.

Secure Search provides a security toolbar that includes search functionality. It also adds information to search results, showing how safe each result is to click on — this functionality was merged into Safe Search in August, from a product previously known as LinkScanner.

According to AVG CEO JR Smith, the Yahoo deal "represents a shift from the company's previous strategy of entering into exclusive search agreements in its search and advertising services business".

"Consumers have many choices when it comes to how they access the internet, and our objective is simply to keep them secure, each step of the way," Smith said.

For Yahoo, the deal means potential exposure of the company's search services to 143 million AVG users.

"We're committed to providing a rich search experience to AVG users and see this relationship as a strategic way for us to enrich and broaden our search footprint moving forward," Yahoo 'connections' chief Shashi Seth said.

Topic: Security

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  • AVG's future in Windows

    AVG's future in Windows is bleak, with Windows Defender baked into Windows 8 and RT is unlikely to get malware, AVG and other players will have a tough time in consumer market.

    The Google clown Eric Schmidt claims that his employer is the 'New Microsoft', so these anti-virus firms could try there luck in Android /Chrome, the future is bright there.
    • Actually...

      ... You can already get AVG for Android. I have it installed - it's already flagged up one up as 'intrusive adware', but apart from that I'm not sure how much it's proved its worth.
      David Meyer
      • Spelling error

        One *app*, not 'up'...
        David Meyer
        • AVG

          I too have AVG antimalware installed on my Android Tablet (Asus Transformer running Android 4.0). It hasn't ever flagged anything -- but then, I see no symptoms and have no reason to believe my tablet is infested. So who really knows?

          The good thing is that the AVG is unobtrusive.
    • Say What?

      "and RT is unlikely to get malware"

      That's the same kind of thinking that got Apple into the security mess it's in now.

      And I don't think Windows Defender is a very good solution. I've seen it let in too much. AVG has not let me down in over 10 years.