Yahoo goes into spring cleaning mode; shuttering several products

Yahoo goes into spring cleaning mode; shuttering several products

Summary: Yahoo's closures shouldn't come as a terrible surprise given that CEO Marissa Mayer has already hinted as much.


Even though April is halfway done, that doesn't mean Yahoo has missed the boat on spring cleaning.

Some of you might want to mark your calendars as the technology company gears up to shutter some products, which shouldn't come as a terrible surprise given that CEO Marissa Mayer has already hinted that this would happen during past public events.

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Here's the schedule for the coming changes:

  • Week of April 30: Yahoo Deals, Upcoming API, Yahoo SMS Alerts (i.e. for news, weather, etc.), Yahoo Kids (a.k.a. Yahooligans), Yahoo Mail and Messenger apps for feature phones (J2ME)
  • Week of June 3: Older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including Yahoo! Mail Classic)

Jay Rossiter, executive vice president of the platforms team at Yahoo, outlined the upcoming closures in a blog post on Friday, explaining that part of the motivation is to offer "experiences that inspire and entertain you every day."

"That means taking a hard look at all of our products to make sure they are still central to your daily habits," Rossiter remarked, "As part of that ongoing effort, today we are shutting down a few more products."

Rossiter also gave a nod toward recent upgrades of Yahoo products for iOS and Android devices as the Cupertino, Calif.-based company continues to ramp up its mobile-first strategy.

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  • What products?

    The bulk of them seem more like services.
  • The one that concerns me most is Yahoo Mail Classic

    That's the one I prefer to use, since I use a variety of systems and devices to access Yahoo Mail, the "Classic" interface has always been the most usable across all of them. That includes my old PDA with just a WAP browser or Opera Mobile and my old netbook that I like to boot up Slax with. Yahoo did away with "Yahoo Mobile" for PDA/Feature phones a few years ago. At least, according to the blog post linked in Rachel's article, Yahoo is going to make some sort of HTML based email available for alternatives to the "New Mail" interface. Hopefully it won't cripple too many functions.
  • Chinese Yahoo

    The Chinese Yahoo mail will be closed,it cost me a lot of time to backup the mail.
  • Oh oh

    And Google will then say Yahoo is copying their idea by stopping development on some products. :-) [Maybe Chrome OS will be next by Google?]
  • Not surprising

    She has already ruined their home page, and their mail has not worked well for years (off and on anyway). I switched to after years on Yahoo and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to have mail that actually works for a change.