Yahoo kills off a slew of products including recent buy Xobni

Yahoo kills off a slew of products including recent buy Xobni

Summary: Yahoo trims away loose ends in its ongoing bid to find focus and make an impact in its four core areas.

TOPICS: Software, Apps

Still aiming to bring order and focus to its offerings, Yahoo has ditched eight products including People Search, its recently acquired Xobni email app, and a few other services that had attracted few users.

Narrowing its focus on Flickr and Tumblr, Yahoo trimmed the services in the hope of having a bigger impact across four business areas: search, communications, digital magazines, and video.

While many of the products shed in this year's clean up are not widely used, one surprising victim is Xobni, the smart address book app that Yahoo acquired exactly one year ago amid a company buying spree. 

Yahoo didn't announce any plans to kill off Xobni at the time, and Jay Rossiter, SVP of the company's cloud platform group, didn't explain the rationale behind the move. However, he noted in a blog post that Yahoo has now integrated many "Xobni-like" features into Yahoo Mail — such as compose auto-suggest and people-centric mail search — and that Xobni's technology "still informs current and future user experiences".

As of yesterday, all requests to Xobni servers from Xobni and Smartr clients were ceased. Users of Xobni Cloud will have until August 20 to export their data, after which time it will be permanently deleted.

Other products that have fallen victim to Yahoo's recent clear out include virtual makeover tool Newlook Service and Research Reports from Yahoo Finance, both which shut on April 30.

Yahoo's bookmarks service was closed on May 26, with that feature now solely available in Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer. Meanwhile, Yahoo's Toolbar, in compliance with a Google Chrome policy update, has been dropped from the Chrome web store and replaced with a Yahoo Extension for Chrome.

Yahoo is also dropping People Search, which Rossiter said was a "defunct directory site that's no longer useful". The same functionality is available in Yahoo Search.

Yahoo Shine, its platform for digital magazines, is getting the chop too, closing on July 31. However, Yahoo Beauty and Yahoo Travel will continue to carry its magazine business.

Finally, Yahoo Voices and the Yahoo Contributor Network will shut down on July 31 and August 31 respectively. Paid contributors to its network are being encouraged to publish via Tumblr, however the company won’t be paying for content, according to its FAQ.

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Topics: Software, Apps

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  • Bwahahahahahaaaaaaa!

    As they circle the bowl at an accelerating rate, Yahoo starts throwing overboard a few deck chairs and all the lifeboats. It will be to laugh.
  • Impact?

    every time they try to look more like google they have an impact, mostly people finally having enough and moving to other providers.
  • Yahoo kills off a slew of products including recent buy Xobni

    I'm waiting for the day when I read that Yahoo has dropped summly.
  • Yahoo's Mayer

    This is Yahoo's Mayer supposedly being a great CEO....buying companies to waste money?

    Another nail in her coffin as an ex-Ceo when Yahoo finally realizes the mistake they made in hiring her!
  • Times Change so does Technology

    Back in the days when Yahoo reigned it was good. I see technology as a fad or fashion here today, we improve on it and it is replaced by another. This is not Mayer's doing. She took a company that was almost dead with a need to be resuscitated. This takes time, at times years. Some of the choices made have fallen out of use, and it uses up cash if left open for only a few. I think the worst decision was the hiring and firing of that high executive. She really fouled up on that one. Yahoo will take time to be what it was or to survive as technology moves so rapidly.
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