Yahoo Mail, Dropbox partnership spells win-win for both parties

Yahoo Mail, Dropbox partnership spells win-win for both parties

Summary: The upgrades and additions to Yahoo's core products continues in a big way thanks to a new integration with Dropbox.


Yahoo Mail and Dropbox have announced a new partnership, bringing direct access to the cloud storage service onto the email client.

And this looks like a win-win for both parties.

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Starting today, Internet users with a Yahoo Mail account in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish can directly access all their Dropbox files from directly within Yahoo Mail as well as save emailed attachments directly back into Dropbox.

Dropbox product designer Joshua Jenkins also pointed out in a blog post on Tuesday that because this integration is Dropbox-powered, users can send larger files (i.e. HD photos) without worrying about the 25 MB file limit.

Beyond just the streamlined access between two popular online products, it marks a significant milestone for each side.

For starters, Dropbox has been slowly but surely building out its portfolio of its own solutions as well as third-party collaborators to better take on the likes of Google Apps.

The San Francisco company has also demonstrated its interest in email with the recent acquisition of Mailbox, a mobile app and Gmail client for the iPhone.

For Yahoo, this just looks like another step in the right direction of tuning into what Internet users are most interested in and working from there.

Certainly, the Cupertino, Calif.-based search company has been making a number of buzzworthy purchases to shore up its social and mobile offerings, but a partnership with an increasingly popular service such as Dropbox will certainly pique the interests of everyday Internet users.

Screenshot via The Yahoo Yodel blog

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  • Makes sense.

    Google has Google Drive, Microsoft has Skydrive. Both have taken steps to integrate their file storage with their email in order to allow sharing of files larger than the normal attachment limits. Makes sense that Yahoo wants to do that as well.
    • Yahoo sends me to its mobile UI every time

      It matters not whether I'm using IE, CHROME, FIREFOX on the desktop. It's always the goofy mobile page that pops up. Web services from this company are really non-factors now.
  • Great integration!

    Congrats Yahoo! and Dropbox! Looks like a great integration. Very similar to what has done for gmail to Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and Google Drive.
  • Do yahoo users get some free storage?

    I have yahoo, if you give me some free storage maybe Ill start using the service again. Right now its just a spam box.
    • Yahoo! mail itself is unlimited

      Since I have over 30 GB of email, that makes Hotmail/gMail nonstarters for me. Only Yahoo! can accommodate my entire email history.
      x I'm tc
  • To little to late

    Gmail and remain the sensible choice.
  • GMail for Me...

    Google got me with their free Google Voice -- whereby I can all anywhere within the US and Canada for free (I live in the US and have relatives in Canada). Perfect!

    And if I use Google Voice, then it's natural that I maintain my contact info with Google. Which means I may as well use GMail. And if my contacts and mail are with Google, it's only natural that I maintain my calendar there as well. And Google does have the best search function. Very helpful and very insidious is Google.

    But I make sure to use somebody else for cloud backup. Can't have Google know everything about me (even if it already does).

    Yahoo? I still have an account with them, but haven't used it in a long while. As above, it will be difficult to change over. I assume many other people have similar situations that make changing awkward?
    • Well integrated

      into the Google Spynet. Is there anything Google does not know about you? Don't forget that they are profiling your searches as well. Perfect candidate for identity theft.