Yahoo Mail's IT woes: You can always walk away

Yahoo Mail's IT woes: You can always walk away

Summary: Yahoo is betting users won't leave no matter what it does with its service. It could lose that bet.

TOPICS: Networking, CXO

Yahoo Mail is suffering from yet another uptime debacle---to go along with a redesign that often has glitches---but the answer for users is simple: Leave.

Yahoo Mail: It works...once in a while.

I've documented Yahoo Mail search problems for years. The latest design, which is slick in spots, appears to have a better search, but other things break.

Simply put, Yahoo Mail is an IT disaster.

In a blog post, Yahoo acknowledged its issues:

We are very sorry for recent difficulties with Yahoo Mail.

Some of our users have not been able to access their mail since 10:27 PM PT on Monday night, due to a hardware problem in one of our mail data centers. The issue has been harder to fix than we originally expected.

We have dozens of people working around the clock to bring it to a resolution. We believe our current efforts will restore our users’ access to their inboxes by 3 pm PT today. We’ll post again then on our @YahooMail Twitter handle.

by Jeffrey Bonforte, SVP of Communication Products

Kara Swisher has reported that Bonforte acknowledged complaints, but said users will suck it up and stick around. In other words, Yahoo is a bit cocky and doesn't think complaints will matter in an actual revolt.

It's time to prove them wrong and move to another email service. Gmail and are fine alternatives.

Topics: Networking, CXO

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  • Gmail is a spam insertion robot. Outlook is a fine alternative.

    Fixed that for you.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Brought to you by:


      Microsoft, makers of Scroogle and other negative campaigns. Microsoft, when the competition gets tough, we get negative on our competition.....
      • m$ is an organized crime syndicate

        consisting of intel, dell, and many other OEMs. They are all falling one by one; m$ and intel may be the last to drop.
      • and yet you don't dispute the truth of what he says.

        Gmail exists to target advertising to users. So much that Google has decided to filter out ads and newletters by those they have decided are competitors by moving them out of a users inbox to some other location, while adding their own ads to users inbox.

        Maybe the Scroogled ads wouldn't seem to negative if they were not true.
  • Oh, I left them a long time ago.

    Oh, I left them a long time ago. Don't intend on going back.
  • This is what happens when you fix what isn't broken

    I've had Yahoo email for almost 20 years (started with Rocketmail, which Yahoo bought). What's even more disconcerting than all these so-called improvements is the difficulty of contacting Yahoo directly.

    For a company whose hoping to get more market share, which means more CUSTOMERS, Yahoo seems to be dedicated to making it difficult if not impossible for their customers to talk to a real human being for assistance.

    Just more evidence that Ms. Mayer is an unfit CEO. I mean, if they can't even keep their email and search platforms working correctly after all these years, who in their right mind would trust Yahoo for anything beyond email and search?
    Rick FromTexas
  • Hostage taker

    I created an account when it became available with the intention of making the complete switch from yahoo, but cannot forward their emails to my account unless I pay for yahoo's premium subscription. I receive relatively important emails from that account and would find it hard to abandon it altogether... I feel like I really don't have a choice :S
    • outlook help

      some got it to work see fb group:
      • People do get tired of being pushed around and vote with their feet.

        I never did make imy Outlook account work after the change over. Was never able to access my mail account again. Couldn't find any help, anywhere. I moved to Gmail.

        Facebook keps changing their layout and options, I can't edit things or cancel my account. I don't use it now.

        You wouldn't put up with this kind of service on the street, why do you put up with it from your email provider, even when it's free.
  • yahoo groups

    I am leaving the email service but there are several groups that are important to me. Just today I could not navigate my groups and I just went back to check and it is still screwed up. After several tries I just gave up. This is becoming more and more common since yahoo changed their look.
  • YahooMail is like a family to me

    I registered my first ever email on YahooMail in 2000 and have been using it since then. I have never thought of leaving them, as if it has become part of my family. I love their webmail and Android app. Minor issues like these won't force me to move away to a different provider.

    On the other hand, I've been deceived by hotmail once, although I agree I didn't read their T&C, I lost all my old precious emails having not signed into my hotmail for 6 months!!!
  • They bet and they won

    Went from being fast, dependable and user-friendly to a slow, buggy and unreliable mess. Add in aggressive advertisements and intrusive email scanning - I'm done. Goodbye Yahoo!
  • YMail is a miserable failure

    YMail is a buggy, miserable failure, with a horrible new UI. The head of YMail doesn't care & says users won't leave unless they're kicked in the nuts.

    I can't stand the tiny, un-re-sizable, grey-on-white, eye-straining YMail text. (if you use your browser to force a larger font, the scroll bars disappear, because Yahoo is incompetent at web programming).

    A crappy Gmail clone. If I wanted Gmail, I'd be using Gmail.
  • That grandfathered thing

    Because Yahoo has been around so long, there are people like myself loathe to change because for a lot of distant relatives, old acquaintances, random past business associates, my Yahoo address was my only email address. I have a few Gmail addresses, plus Facebook and text accounts, but they are for the newer people in my life.

    I did try using a Gmail account to import my Yahoo account, but it choked before finishing. I probably should copy it down and then make it just a shell account for a Gmail account, even though I have a paid Yahoo account. The more things change, the more does that go again?
  • My wishlist, to bring back

    My wishlist, to bring back:
    1- +/add button for contact from an 'incoming email. I used to have a green plus icon next to name and was able to add contact.

    2- on hover over, was able to add any email address that was in the email, eg, those in the FW headers and any text that looked like an email.

    3- type ahead to insert an email, I used to be able to type eg jan and that would bring . the less the windows/pop ups the better. I had the flexibility to type their name or email.

    4-calendar and other links used to be displayed as tabs. now I have to have separate link to type or retrieve from my bookmarks

    5-pictures in email, previews. Once had the ability see the images in full size, without downloading. Also without the aggravation of a uncompressing a zip file.

    6-There used to be useful, mails from contacts, that was , WAS perfect. At least I was able to see my friends and families first before any other email

    7-previously was able to sort by size, that helped in cleaning up my email. also allowed for me to find emails with attachments eg photos vs word docs.

    8- multiple select emails to move, where 'select all' is pointless if there are hundreds now that there are 'no pages', but want to select begin and end to select

    when delete a message, it should disapper from the folder, it's distracting and I lose my place when I reviewing email. The only way I can get them out of view is to clean the trash, but I had to 'leave the folder' I was viewing and lose my spot.

    the main 'side bar' should not collapse and turn to icon view when viewing folder list.