Yahoo's Fantasy Football hit with outage at crunch time

Yahoo's Fantasy Football hit with outage at crunch time

Summary: Yahoo's fantasy football applications had a rough outing Sunday and were down for much of the day. The company apologizes for the outage in a letter.


Yahoo's fantasy football applications fell over just as players needed to set line-ups, add players and get their teams ready for kick-off Sunday.

The company, which has a solid track record of performance with its fantasy football, said in a letter that it was hit with an outage at noon EST on Sunday.

Details of the outage were sparse, but mobile apps weren't available and the scores were non-existent. Fantasy football is a cutthroat market as giants like Yahoo, CBS Sports, which is owned by ZDNet parent CBS, and Disney's ESPN duke it out for scale and the advertising and subscription fees that go with it.

Here's a letter to Yahoo's fantasy football customers that was just delivered:


The reaction to the outage was predictable, but warranted.


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  • Yahoo Fantasy Football Outage

    Did you get screwed on your Yahoo Fantasy Football yesterday due to the site being borked? I'm winning, but I'm still really angry. The outage started at noon and made it so you couldn't switch players. Great timing. You can Twiiter your displeasure to Ken Fuchs, Head of Yahoo Sports to @kuchs and/or use the hastag #youtubeoutage.
  • Why does anyone need fantasy football on Sunday?

    There are more football games televised on Sunday, especially with cable or Internet TV and Sunday Night Football, than one can possibly watch in a 24-hour day. Do people prefer fantasy football to actual games?
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Why, you ask?

      Because real-life coaches make last minute decisions on starting/sitting players who are coming off injuries.
  • 1 question

    Why call it football when virtually 90% of play is holding onto the ball with your hands?

    Now in the real/proper/original/official game of football, we use our feet (well I don't as I play in goal) because using your hands is against the rules - clues in the name. I think you get my point..........
    Little Old Man
    • Futbol first, football second

      On Sunday's, I tune into Liga MX games first and NFL games second. However, I did periodically check on the Panthers v. Broncos score during lulls yesterday. Payton Manning and the Broncos finally seem to be melding.

      The article author would probably state that you and I are missing out on the real sport: rugby.
      Rabid Howler Monkey