You have to see this: The business case for happy employees

You have to see this: The business case for happy employees

Summary: Centro has become very successful by crafting a unique corporate culture...

TOPICS: Leadership

This video is superb: Shawn Riegsecker, CEO and founder of Centro, explains at a 2013 TechWeek event in Chicago, why he focused his company's culture on the happiness of its employees.

It's working: Centro has become a giant in the hot ad tech sector. With more than 500 staff and over $300m in revenues it is Chicago's fastest growing tech company. 

His staff attrition rate is an unbelievable 4% a year. He has no HR problems. Centro has now won "Best place to work" four years in a row -- no company has ever won the accolade twice in a row, in any city.

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Topic: Leadership

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  • Duh -- employee happiness is the only way to run a company

    .. or a nation. If the people in the company aren't happy WITH the company, then what the company produces will be bad. Granted, finding that sweetspot for a lot of folks is dicey, at best. But at least communicate it as the intent, and people will feel better.

    Happiness is a varied thing. Key to it, is freedom. Freedom to speak up. Freedom to get help. Freedom to manage the conflicts between personal and business life. If I were to own a large company, the first thing I'd look at, would be the package of employee benefits, and I'd ask the employees what benefits they want, versus what they have. You'd be surprised how many benefits are low-cost. The ability to take off work for a few hours, when your kid's in trouble; the ability to have your kids there AT work (you know, in a separate part of the building), so you can check on them, if they are under school age. You can even charge your employees for benefits. Another biggie: helping them advance.

    Most of the time, what makes them happiest is understanding that you care about them. Even if you do nothing.

    For the company IS the employees. Forget that, and you might as well close your doors.
  • Great Job Finding This

    Shawn's ideas are not unique, but it validates what I hear from similar employers doing the many of the same things.