You tell us: How is the lack of Java affecting you?

You tell us: How is the lack of Java affecting you?

Summary: You folks are the heartbeat of the IT and tech communities. Let us know how the lack of Java is affecting you.

TOPICS: Oracle, Security

One of our older PCs was recently updated, and as part of the update, the video drivers got zorched. When I went to fix it, I realized that I didn't know what NVIDIA chipset was on the motherboard.

In this situation, my normal course of action is to be lazy: let the NVIDIA configuration tool figure out what's on the board and pick the right drivers. However, as part of the whole US Department of Homeland Security warning to disable Java kerfuffle, Java was disabled on this machine.

The NVIDIA configuration tool requires Java and recommended that I install it. Rather than doing so, I bit the bullet and actually figured out the chipset by (are you ready for this?) reading the documentation. I installed the driver and all went well.

But as I was waited for the driver to complete the install, I wondered about Java. That prompted this article and my shout out to all of you.

Please tell us, in the comments section below whether you've disabled Java per recommendations. If you haven't, why not? If you have disabled Java, have you run into any inconveniences? Have you even noticed it? Has the lack of Java been an issue for you? You folks are the heartbeat of the IT and tech communities. Let us know how the lack of Java is affecting you.

Topics: Oracle, Security


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • Not encountered any web services which requires Java as of the moment

    I am not playing games on the web so no Java needed here, but I have done online banking on three major banks. The 3rd one closed as I dumped the credit card on that account. The second still open for privacy reasons. The first one is shared with my wife (reason for the still active 2nd account). So far those online banking services just requires JavaScript and not Java.
    I have seen web Anti-Virus scanners which requires Java, but haven't used those, as I just don't trust whether my filenames during virus scan are logged by their server.

    So my home PC's were Java free for more than 2 years already and counting, and I wonder what sites really need those powerful yet dangerous feature of browser other than those web based games.
    • I use Fiji

      So, I need Java. But then again, I've never gotten infected via Java (or any other vector) in my 25 years of PC computing.

      I think the threat is overstated. Just patch and go on with your life.
      x I'm tc
    • uninstalled

      Hi :)
      I just uninstalled it. Not had any problems so far. I kept a link to various alternatives handy so that if anyone grumbles i can go in and use one of the alternatives instead. So far no grumbles and not even an unhappy face!

      Java has had far more than it's fair share of security warnings over the past 2 years although before that it didn't seem to have many issues. I figure that it's just best to get rid of it before it does cause some serious issue and before we get told to pay for their "professional" version instead. So far no-one seems to have missed it.

      Regards from
      Tom :)
  • I have some apps that require Java

    But their developers manage to include portable Java with them, so it only works for that app when you run it. Think its a good tone for developers.
  • Lack of what?

    Java who?
  • Java is my main language but disabled in browsers

    I will continue to use Java in my desktop, mobile (Android) and cloud (AppEngine).
    Java is a victim of its own success. Oracle could do better but is doing fare enough.

    Security problems will always show up in such wildly used technologies. Please d'ont panic!
    Francisco Reis
    • Java? Or javascript?

      There is a lot of counfusion going on around here because a lot of people don't know the difference between java & javascript - they are not the same. I refulse to stop using the javascript because it's necessary on a LOT of trusted sites I use. Java however, is a different story.
      If I ever really need Java, I turn it on for the duration I need it for, and then kill it again. They're right; Java is not needed. Javascript is not the same thing when all you do is use the JRE or whatever it's called.

      I don't miss Java on any of my machines.
  • Medical Records System

    Our Medical Records system requires that the full Java suite be installed on every workstation in our Enterprise.

    Not to worried about the security warning....
    • Who?

      You should tell us who you are so that we can be watching for the breach reports.
  • Java VM and Java Browser Plugin

    The "common knowledge" misconceptions and misunderstandings about Java surprise me.
    Do we need Java? Well... More than a half of our favorite web 2.0 companies run on Java. Twitter, The Guardian, Amazon and boatload of others. The source of all security problems that "common users" face is the Java Browser Plug-in. Microsoft was smart enough to name their .NET browse plug-in "Silverlight" and then, if you have security problems with "Silverlight" they did not reflect badly on entire .NET platform. No such luck for Java.
    If one try to judge Java, one should be educated enough to understand differences between Java - the - Language, Java -the- Platform and Java -the- browser plugin.
    And Oracle as a "keeper" of Java could do much better job on their Java installer and on educating people what Java really is.
    Certain "technology" bloggers could do better job, too...
    • Java VM and Java Browser Plugin

      So I guess the right question would be: "How is the lack of Java support in Browsers affecting you?"
  • Java in the browser

    we tried disabling java in the browser, but we ran into a lot of issues without it: webex needs it, one of our customers uses java for a terminal emulator that will only run in the browser for some reason, some of our cloud erp system uses java for parts of it; yes, we rely on java in the browser quite a lot
  • I disabled java in my browser(s)...

    ... long ago. The only inconvenience is one banking app that needs Java to do scanning of checks for deposit from within the browser app. The easy workaround is to scan the checks with the scanner application and then simply upload the images to the browser app. Other than that, like you I simply read the documentation instead of relying on vendor scan utilities such as Crucial's memory scanner.
    • Crucial?

      I thought that their scanner downloaded, installed, and ran. I never had trouble running that on systems w/o Java. Perhaps I'm thinking of something else, or that's what I'm offered instead due to lack of Java.
      • I was wrong

        about the Crucial scanner. There are other vendor apps that use Java but apparently not Crucial.....
  • Well, speaking for myself

    Java is a big part of what I get payed to play with every day. So, if it went missing, I'd probably have to start blogging for a living or something. Oh, I'd notice all right.

    As far as most people (be they normal people or denizens of zdnet) are concerned it's either there or not. They will (need to) use it for whatever they do (be it in the browser or communication with Java on the back). So, do they miss it? Will they miss it? Hardly.

    One could argue successfully (if security is the big hairy and scary issue) that one could and should eschew Windows, Office etc. Would people miss that snazzy little ensemble? Given the rise of the shiny beer coaster tech (tablets that aren't the oh so "successful" W8 kind, those silly things have a built in stand that makes them more useful as pricey digital picture frames than as coasters) apparently the answer would be no, they don't seem to miss it at all.
    • they don't seem to miss it at all.

      I thiink you do yourself a huge disfavor by assuming to know what "they" miss or don't miss. I'll speak for myself, thank you.
  • doing just fine

    harmony is better than oracle's crap and android even better.
    LlNUX Geek
    • RE: harmony is better

      Apache Harmony is dead. Killed by Oracle with assistance from IBM.

      Time to upgrade to OpenJDK and IcedTea Linux Geek.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • What lack of Java?

    Without Java, our computers would be useless bricks. There is a push to slim down that the dozens of applications used are being forced to play nice with 7.11 so we can install Java 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x (a little-known program called SAP Business Objects is not currently playing nice with 7.11 though). Many of our corporate apps are written in Java. Most of our intranet is composed of Java applets. The CBT system we use for training is all Java. The massive costs that would be incurred purging Java from the environment would at best be part of a 10-year plan.