Your life in IT's hands

Your life in IT's hands

Summary: Many critical systems, such as health, transport and navigation, are all dependent on technology to function. ZDNet UK takes a tour of the tech that life would be difficult to live without

TOPICS: Networking

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  • Pacemaker

    IT is used to run many of the critical systems that keep transport flowing and people breathing. ZDNet UK takes a tour of technology that helps keep people alive.

    Pictured is a pacemaker, which delivers a regular electrical charge to the heart to keep it pumping. The pacemaker stands in for the human heart's own ability to regulate its beats through chemical impulses.

    Photo credit: Lucien Monfiles

  • daVinci Si surgical system

    Devices like the da Vinci Si surgical system, pictured, allow doctors to operate on a patient from a remote location. Launched in April 2009, the system enables two surgeons to collaborate during a procedure by using remote consoles to manipulate the four robotic arms of the operating machine.

    Photo credit: Intuitive Surgical

Topic: Networking

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