YouTube reaches out to nonprofits with Campaigns tracking tool

YouTube reaches out to nonprofits with Campaigns tracking tool

Summary: YouTube adds the ability to set viewership goals for videos, which could be particularly helpful for nonprofits.


YouTube continues to beef up analytics support on the front and back ends of the video sharing platform with the introduction of Campaigns.

Described as a "digital thermometer," essentially this tool can be used to set goals for the number of desired views with real-time tracking for pinpointing progress.

Campaigns can set up for either standalone videos or several videos. A tracking bar will appear both on the sidebar of the video's listing page or as an overlay on the video itself to educate viewers about the progress of the campaign.


YouTube software engineer David D noted on the official YouTube blog on Friday that this feature is specifically being targeted at nonprofit organizations.

The idea is that they can use Campaigns to establish goals for their videos, whether they be about increasing views and/or subscribers as well as enabling supporters to contribute to their goals.

With more than 18,000 organizations in the YouTube Nonprofit Program we are always looking for ways to help nonprofits turn video views into greater awareness, petitions signed, laws changed, dollars raised, and lives saved.

The addition of Campaigns follows up a few other recent new tools for video producers and developers on the world's largest video sharing hub.

YouTube recently released a new "Time Watched" metric, which identifies the estimated number of minutes watched over a given amount of time. Furthermore, YouTube added the ability to compare metrics in which users can simply compare trends and patterns across two different metrics through easy-to-decipher visuals.

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  • Planning is key to success

    Rachel, this sounds like a great idea for nonprofits; however I question if this is a smart approach if the information is available for everyone to see. If a campaign is failing that data would be out there for everyone to see and it may damage the reputation of the nonprofit in the long run. I think that planning is key to any campaign’s success. By utilizing online social media monitoring tools to gather information on the wants and needs of its online community, a nonprofit would have a leg up on how the video campaign should be structured and who it should target, thus giving it a better chance at success.