ZDNet App Wrap: 12 December 2011

ZDNet App Wrap: 12 December 2011

Summary: There are always cool new apps coming out, so it's hard to keep up. ZDNet Australia brings you a taste of some of the apps that have surfaced or been updated recently.


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  • (Credit: Flipboard)


    Price: Free
    Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    Flipboard is a news visualisation app that turns your feeds — including Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook — into a gorgeous, magazine-style experience. Recommended if you want to jazz up your daily download of news and views.

  • (Credit: Sand Studio)


    Price: Free
    Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    Twitter has just rolled out a major redesign including new apps for iOS and Android. Twitter is making it clear that it wants users' experiences to be the same, regardless of where they access "Home" (tweets from the sources you care about). This means that users should be able to see all the same information, via Home, on their computer or on their mobile device — iPhone or Android. There's also connect to see who followed, mentioned you, retweeted or favourited one of your tweets. Discover lets people tap into stories and trends.

Topics: Android, Apple, Apps, Google, iPhone, Mobility, BlackBerry

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