ZDNet App Wrap: 19 December 2011

ZDNet App Wrap: 19 December 2011

Summary: There are always cool new apps coming out, so it's hard to keep up. ZDNet Australia brings you a taste of some of the apps that have surfaced or been updated recently.


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  • (Credit: Commonwealth Bank)

    Commbank Kaching

    Price: Free
    Platform: iOS (iPhone)

    There are two exciting things about Commbank's new payment app: it allows you to make payments to people via Facebook; and you can buy a case with an NFC chip in it, which will allow you to make contactless, PIN-less payments with the app anywhere that there's a contactless MasterCard PayPass terminal. It'll be interesting to see if this sort of mobile payment takes off.

    You can also make payments via text and email through the app, as well as get a quick balance, transfer money and use BPAY for bills.

  • (Credit: Google)

    Google Currents

    Price: Free
    Platform: Android

    There's no Flipboard for Android, but stop your tears; Google has stepped up to the plate with its Currents RSS reader. You can pull all of your Google Reader subscriptions and favourite blogs in, as well as read what's trending, and content from a variety of publishers. Each edition is made available for offline reading. It's also gorgeously designed, so you still get that personalised glossy-mag experience.

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