ZDNet App Wrap: 25 February, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: 25 February, 2013

Summary: In the App Wrap this week, we have Swiftkey, Podio, Foxtel Go for iPhone, Split Browser, RAAF, Skype WiFi, Wyatt Roy, and GoTasks.

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  • (Image: Wyatt Roy)

    Wyatt Roy MP, Federal Member for Longman

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    With this being an election year, please don't tell me that we are about to see a plethora of apps from MPs.

    The last thing this country needs is QR codes or App Store links at the end of political announcements.

    The app allows users to create a "local alert" that will "directly inform Wyatt of a pressing concern: such as infrastructure or services that need fixing or upgrading".

    It's very tempting to send Mr Roy pictures of my missing NBN fibre until it arrives, but I don't live in Longman.

  • (Image: Evgeniy Shurakov)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    If you make use of Google Tasks, then this app can help out. It has multiple account support, search, HTTPS support, and notifications.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps

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