ZDNet App Wrap: 30 July 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: 30 July 2012

Summary: Box, Friday, Australian Olympic Team London 2012, ABC Radio, Fairly Local, Accellion for Good Technology, TravelPort Mobile Agent, Email Notifier and Identifier Free

TOPICS: Apps, Android, Apple, Windows

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  • Box

    (Credit: Box)


    Platform: Windows Phone 7, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, BlackBerry

    Price: Free

    Box has now released a Windows Phone 7 version of its app. It has become very popular as a service that lets you store files in the cloud for access from your laptop, tablet, phone or any other device. You can also share files using the service.

  • Friday

    (Credit: Dexetra)


    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    Ever wanted to keep a detailed timeline of your day-to-day activities? With Friday, you can. It captures details of your life — either passively, based on what you do with your phone, or manually entered. You can then go back through and figure out trends and share your logs with colleagues.

Topics: Apps, Android, Apple, Windows

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