ZDNet App Wrap: 4 June 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: 4 June 2012

Summary: HireVue, Quip, Contacts to Excel, GoTask, BrisDroid, Evernote Hello, iDocs Pro, Call Recorder


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  • (Credit: HireVue)


    Price: Free
    Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    HireVue lets companies perform live interviews over the app, or virtual interviews where a candidate responds to pre-defined questions. The responses are then recorded and stored, to be reviewed when the hiring manager has time. Rio Tinto is one of the companies that use the HireVue service, although it would also be good for small businesses.

  • (Credit: Glasshouse Apps)


    Price: $0.99
    Platform: iOS (iPad)

    Sometimes following Twitter conversations can feel like standing on your head. Quip presents Twitter conversations in a logical manner that doesn't require lots of scrolling or clicking through to find out what people are talking about. It does this by grouping tweets into conversations or allowing you to select which tweets you want the "complete" related conversation of.

Topics: Android, Apple, Apps, Google, Mobility, BlackBerry

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