ZDNet App Wrap: April 29, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: April 29, 2013

Summary: Uploading to the App Wrap this week are: Yahoo Weather, Yahoo, Swype, Tweetbot, Minimalistic Text, My HTML Pro, Bitcoin: Price and Charts, and Save the Date.

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  • (Image: Yahoo)

    Yahoo Weather

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    Avid readers of the App Wrap would know that a cynical viewpoint is often taken when describing the latest and greatest "must have" apps — but this app has cut through that veil of doubt, and is "officially" a "must have" app.

    This app is simply gorgeous.

    No, really, it's that good. This isn't some sort of "blogger throwing hyperbole at something decidedly average" description, this app is actually that nice to use. It's actually worthy of multiple adjectives.

    The Android version of this app provided a waypost to where the app was headed, but the iOS version smashes it out of the park. As an Android user, this app cannot be ported fast enough.

    One of the online comments about this app stated that Microsoft should hire Yahoo to do it next "Metro" UI. There's a parcel of truth at the core to that comment — this app is a great example of how good a typography driven app can be.

    Install it now.

  • (Image: Yahoo)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    We are doubling down on Yahoo today, to show you something you cannot have (in Australia anyway).

    It didn't take Yahoo long to work its Summly acquisition into its app portfolio. Yahoo has updated its flagship Yahoo app to include Summly-style summaries of news pieces.

    This app is currently only available on the US app store, so international fans of the tl;dr style of news reading will have to be patient.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps


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