ZDNet App Wrap: December 17, 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: December 17, 2012

Summary: Apps arriving this week are: TripView, Flickr, Google Maps, Dropbox, NSW Rego, Kogan Mobile, Haymarket Walking Tour, and Myki Panel.

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  • (Credit: Google)

    Google Maps

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    The wait is over for users of iOS 6 who may have wanted to reach places such as Mildura — but you wouldn't know it if you asked the iFans shouting at the internet.

    Apparently, this app isn't beautiful enough and doesn't do enough 3D fly-bys to make them happy.

    We'd rather have a mapping app that works, has public transit information, and actually looks pretty good — probably better than the current Android version, as well.

    If that isn't your thing, you can still enjoy being lost and looking at the wonderful kerning that Apple Maps offers.

    And if anyone tells you that this was all part of Apple's master plan, ask to have a mouthful of whatever they are drinking; it's Christmastime, after all.

  • (Credit: Dropbox)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    The file-storage cloud service has updated its iOS app, and shifted its focus to photos.

    The app now offers the ability to automatically upload photos from the iPhone's camera roll. Whether it will follow the 2012 filtering law of photo apps remains to be seen.

  • (Credit: Roads and Traffic Authority NSW government)

    NSW Rego

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    If being able to update your car's registration via a website is so last year for you, then fear not. This year, you can update your rego via an iOS app.

    Beyond registration renewal, the app offers a free registration check for any NSW vehicle, and the ability to set a registration-renewal reminder and allow you to find the nearest safety check station.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps

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