ZDNet App Wrap: February 11, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: February 11, 2013

Summary: This instalment of the App Wrap covers Mailbox, Horizon Calendar, Carbon for Twitter, Foursquare for Business, Documents On The Go Pro, Basecamp, Queensland Tide Times, and O'Week at Uni of Adelaide.

TOPICS: AppWrap, Apps, Australia

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  • (Credit: dots & lines)

    Carbon for Twitter

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    There's one area where iOS is able to hold it all over Android: Decent Twitter clients. Tweetbot is the standout app in that regard, but hopefully Carbon for Twitter is the first step toward Android catching up.

    The app brings the bling and is definitely great looking, but it doesn't have a full grip on functionality, and sometimes actions are needlessly hidden away in a sidebar.

    This isn't the greatest Twitter app ever, but it's one to look out for as updates are released.

  • (Credit: Foursquare Labs)

    Foursquare for Business

    Platform: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

    Foursquare admins rejoice! Here's a revolutionary concept, administrating your page on a mobile-based application from your mobile.

    This app offers admins the ability to view location check-in and analytics on recent and loyal customers, and post Foursquare updates on other social networks.

  • (Credit: Tao Tao)

    Documents On The Go Pro — Office Suite

    Platform: iOS

    Price: AU$12.99

    It's another Office-compatible app for iOS.

    This app offers compatibility with 1997 through 2010 Office formats, and also has PDF viewing/exporting support.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps, Australia

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