ZDNet App Wrap: February 18, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: February 18, 2013

Summary: This week the App Wrap features Fleksy, Say Your Appointment, Kickstarter, Unity Launcher, Mailbox, UniSafe, "Rome2rio", and Optus Recharge Now.

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  • (Image: Dominic W)

    Say Your Appointment

    Platform: Windows Phone 8

    Price: Free

    Take a look out your window; I think a blue moon has arisen because we found not only a new Windows Phone application, but one that actually seems nifty and maybe even useful.

    Using the dictation capabilities of Windows Phone 8, this app inserts events into your calendar when you speak the event in the way that the app expects — this isn't going to rival Siri.

    The app is currently on special.

  • (Image: Kickstarter)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    What one person thinks is Mac users being better people is another person's proof that Apple fans are more readily separated from their money.

    And what better way to increase both points of view than to give iOS users the ability to back projects, directly from their iPhone!

  • (Image: Omkar Deshmukh)

    Unity Launcher

    Platform: Android

    Price: AU$1.93

    If you cannot wait for an Ubuntu Phone, then this may be the customisation for you.

    This app adds an Ubuntu-like Launcher to the left or right side of your Android's screen, and allows some of the customised settings that one expects from a launcher bar.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps

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