ZDNet App Wrap: February 18, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: February 18, 2013

Summary: This week the App Wrap features Fleksy, Say Your Appointment, Kickstarter, Unity Launcher, Mailbox, UniSafe, "Rome2rio", and Optus Recharge Now.

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  • (Image: Grant Holliday)


    Platform: Windows Phone

    Price: Free

    Why does the Windows Marketplace experience grate so much? Look no further than this app.

    On the surface, it looks like the Aussie startup has doubled its app selection and moved into iOS and Windows Phone apps. But look at the actual site of the company (scroll down after it loads to see more than a search box), and where is this app mentioned?

    If this were an official app, I would expect it to be promoted on the company's website somewhere.

    And this is one of the gentler applications present in Windows Masquerade-place. There's nothing wrong with the app's functionality, but it should not be named the same as an API, website, and service that is fairly well-known.

    Do yourself a favour and download the official app instead.

  • (Image: Optus Mobile)

    Optus Recharge Now

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    Oh, the days of scouring for locations of inner-city convenience stores at 4am on a Sunday morning to recharge your phone's prepaid credit.

    Now look at what is on offer: An app!

    Balance checks, credit top-ups, and the ability to recharge up to 5 prepaid accounts.

    Kids have it easy these days, and they will be lesser people for it, without the character-building early morning visits into 7-Elevens to buy phone credit.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps

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