ZDNet App Wrap: March 18, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: March 18, 2013

Summary: Apps under the snark-o-scope this week include ABC, Sydney Royal Easter Show, Road Mode, Citrix Mobile Enroll, Feedly, Meeting-Recorder, Kickoff, and Flickr.

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  • (Image: Royal Agricultural Society of NSW)

    Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013

    Platform: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

    Here's an app that fits into the "as it says on the tin" category.

    The app contains entertainment listings, full showbag listing, rides, food and drink, map, and where to see all the cute farm animals.

    Interestingly, one feature is called "New Sense cam" that lets you "select one of the Five Sense characters to be in your pic, and share it with your friends".

    Photo-bombing your own Show pics is now the done thing, and it saves one poor person having to sweat it out in a mascot uniform.

  • (Image: VicRoads)

    Road Mode

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    An app that could save your life? They don't arrive very often, but here is a good idea put out by VicRoads.

    The app silences the phone and sends automated text responses to people who call or SMS your phone while it is enabled. Upon disabling the app, a summary of calls and messages received is shown.

    Unfortunately it appears to only have standard replies, a few more minutes of development time could really make this app much more useful.

  • (Image: Zenprise)

    Citrix Mobile Enroll

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    If your IT infrastructure team has a XenMobile Device Manager server buried in the basement, and you want to access your corporate email, then you'll be needing this app.

    Working across iPhones and iPads, the app gives access to work email, calendar, address book, and documents; sets up automatic configuration for company's Wi-Fi; and the ability to find, locate, and lock your lost device.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps


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