ZDNet App Wrap: March 25, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: March 25, 2013

Summary: This week, our app eyes peer at Coffice, Phone Rights, Telco Navigator, Podcasts, Google Keep, Newsify, Group Play, and RealPlayer.


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  • (Image: Sebastian Sauer)


    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    It's alpha quality, but what we have here is the start of a new office suite on Android.

    Based on Calligra Suite that is used in MeeGo, Coffice currently only supports OpenDocument Text (.odt) files.

    Since this app is backed by KDE community, it needs the Ministro app installed to provide the Qt libraries that KDE apps rely on. This app is also licenced under the LGPLv2, so you can go picking through the source if you like.

  • (Image: Bizer Mobile)

    Phone Rights

    Platform: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

    Phone Rights is backed by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and is designed to allow users to test their reception, and log where and when they are experiencing call dropouts, delayed text messages, and slow internet so that they can make a complaint to their provider.

    "This app is the ultimate guide for customers about their rights as a phone or internet customer," said ACCAN spokeswoman Elise Davidson. "The rules around telecommunications can be really confusing for customers, and this app makes it simple for consumers to figure out how to get a problem fixed."

    That's ACAAN's side of the story, now let's see what users think of this app:

    "Crashes every time. Disappointing because it is a good idea and has some good info on how to proceed with complaints," said a so-called Mark Walker on the Google Play store.

    And in case you think it is merely another Android crash issue, here is an iPhone users called Donks21 that left a review: "Great concept, but unfortunately, I can't log my issue after taking pic of low signals? App still has bugs, looking forward to update."

    In summary: A great app in theory, not quite so great in practice.

  • (Image: Gilbert + Tobin)

    Telco Navigator

    Platform: iPad

    Price: Free

    Attention telco fiends bearing iPads, here is an app that aims to consolidate the legislative and regulatory documents that telco workers (and curious wonks) need.

    Telco Navigator contains 300 documents, which are available offline as well.

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