ZDNet App Wrap: March 4, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: March 4, 2013

Summary: This week's apps include: Photoshop Touch, WP8 Dev Center, Telstra T-CLoud, Terminal IDE, UniTucker, Coast Guard SafeTrx, Andrew Laming, and Guzman y Gomez.

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  • (Image: Marjen Media)


    Platform: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

    Mooching from the free food on offer is all part of a university student's life. But the days of having to smell your way to free grub seem to be numbered, with apps appearing to replace noses.

    This app is currently restricted to the University of Sydney, so there is room for copycat apps to service other unis.

  • (Image: Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association)

    Coast Guard SafeTrx

    Platform: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

    We have a bit of fun with some of the apps on the App Wrap, but here is one that could be deadly serious.

    The app is used to register vessels and trip planning with the Australian Coast Guard. It has the ability to add start and end locations, an optional waypoint, and ETA.

    Registering a trip will activate position reporting in the app, which will send the vessel's position to the Coast Guard server and will alert the Coast Guard if a journey goes beyond its ETA. Thankfully, you can end your trip at any time and/or revise the ETA to avoid having the Coast Guard needlessly looking for you.

  • (Image: Political Media International)

    Andrew Laming: Have Your Say

    Platform: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

    When it comes to communication bungles, Andrew Laming has got you covered.

    There was that time he asked where the Prime Minster was when Tony Abbott was in Brisbane before its recent flooding. Answer: She was in Victoria with bushfire victims. Or on Saturday, when a brochure produced by Laming contained a questionable image.

    And then there were those comments that Laming made on violence in the suburb of Logan. And all this from just the first two months of the year!

    With such a cavalcade of schadenfreude on tap, why wouldn't you want an app that allows you to connect directly with the source?

    This app contains the member for Bowman's Facebook and Twitter timelines, as well as a news feed.

    The app's page asks, "Why sit on the sideline when you can actually be part of what's happening?" And further claims that "This is Democracy in action — in fact, if the ancient Greeks had invented this ap,p they probably would have called it.... 'Have Your Say'."

    Given Laming's history, I'm not sure I want to be a part of "what's happening", but if you do, there's an app for it now.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps


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