ZDNet App Wrap: October 15, 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: October 15, 2012

Summary: Firefox, Photo Mage, HelloCamera, Plague Inc, Chefs Feed, Sydney Food Trucks, Tom Tom Australia, and Magic ball.


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  • (Credit: Roman Efimov)

    Photo Mage

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    This is a very basic photo-editing app that features 15 different filters to run photos through, much like Instagram. Photos can be shared via Facebook and Twitter, and users can add captions using five built-in fonts. The app itself is very simple to use.

  • (Credit: Xu Hao)

    HelloCamera – Camera360 concept

    Platform: iOS

    Price: US$0.99

    Another photography app, HelloCamera, is packed with features to provide different photographing themes such as "Night," "Food," "Portrait," and "Scenery." Once a theme is selected, HelloCamera will match filters for your photo automatically. The app is made by the team that created Camera360, a sophisticated photo-editing app.

  • (Credit: Miniclip)

    Plague Inc

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    If you've ever fantasised about being a bio-terrorist to bring an end to humanity, then this app is the one for you!

    In this strategy and simulation game, the objective is to use a "patient zero" to kickstart a global plague while overcoming the rest of humanity's efforts to stave off the infection. There are 10 different disease types to choose from, with each requiring different strategies to spread.

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