ZDNet App Wrap: October 8, 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: October 8, 2012

Summary: Netbot, Glassboard, Rivr, Street View, Express Plus, tramTRACKER, Justin.TV viewer, and Daily Deals Map AU.


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  • (Credit: OmniTyke)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    Another App.Net app, but this time, it's free!

  • (Credit: Google)

    Street View

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    Apple's troubles with implementing its own Maps app has just shown how well Google has got its Google Maps and Street View down pat. iOS users will have to wait for the time being, though.

  • (Credit: DHS)

    Express Plus

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    If you're receiving some form of Centrelink benefit from the Australian government, this app will help you notify Centrelink of any changes or information you may need to provide.

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