ZDNet UK Ignoble Christmas Catalogue 2011

ZDNet UK Ignoble Christmas Catalogue 2011

Summary: ZDNet UK presents the 2011 Ignoble Christmas Catalogue of products and services that cannot or should not exist, including the iPhone Shuffle and the Canon 4D printer. You won't see these in 2012... probably

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  • Canon 4D Printer

    Canon 4D Printer
    3D? That's so 2010. With Canon's new Permextrude space-time printer, the output never stops. After creating solid objects, the Permextrude continues to describe their passage through existence by decoupling them from the normal Einsteinian universe and printing them continuously in a warp manifold. All this with crisp, bright colours, duplex output and LaserJet compatibility too!

    CAUTION: Operation with unofficial toner can cause local black holes and matter-antimatter interaction. Use on a well-ventilated planet.

    Image credit: Leifur Einarsson

  • HP BI AI

    HP BI AI
    HP continues its history of excellence in innovation by making its own Artificial-Intelligence-based Business Intelligence service available to all. Take advantage of the same cutting-edge systems that have driven HP's own market success.

    This masterful data analysis tool uses cutting-edge Bayesian tree technology to fully codify all available data, assigning intensively iterated weighting and conducting best-fit parametric analysis, before arriving at actionable, C-level decision advice that's clear, detailed and entirely barking.

    Image credit: Leifur Einarsson

  • VMware Virtual Virtual

    VMware Virtual Virtual
    VCubed is VMware's next generation of virtualisation excellence. Take all the advantages of virtualisation — enhanced management, lower power consumption, increased resource efficiency — and apply it to virtual machines themselves. By pushing VMs out of the realm of software and into the dimension of fantasy, VCubed finally aligns VMware's marketing message with reality — or what's left of it.

    Virtual virtual machines (VVMs) have no actual existence, and so they are faster to create, simpler to migrate and guaranteed bug-free while suffering no resource contention or compatibility issues. When used with CFOS (the Cloud Fantasy Operating System, itself also built from pure thought and beer), your IT infrastructure will operate as never before.

    Image credit: Leifur Einarsson

Topic: After Hours

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  • Rupert, this is just absolutely wonderful. Thanks.