Zendesk debuts open source, real-time push notification framework

Zendesk debuts open source, real-time push notification framework

Summary: Zendesk's latest customer service management tool actually comes in the form of an open source framework for developers.


Zendesk, a San Francisco-headquartered customer service software and support software provider, has introduced a new open source push notification framework.

Some examples of what these push notifications and messages could be about include presence detection, live chat requests, and data entry changes -- all of which would likely benefit from (if not require) real-time alerts for making better business decisions faster.

Dubbed Radar, the tool functions as an add-on to any existing application, whether it be a chat platform or a CRM platform, with what are described as "minimal changes" to the app's existing code.

From there, developers can use the included API and Javascript client library for routing the push notifications in real-time to the user's application.

The Radar API and server back-end infrastructure (written in Javascript/Node.js and based on engine.io) are supposed to be able to manage multiple front-facing servers to manage requests while making related implementations on behalf of users.

While Zendesk stresses how simple this should be on the IT end, Zendesk's engineering team that developed this framework added that more complex systems can be built by combining Radar API resources.

Zendesk's Radar is available to developers for use now.

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