ZooGue Case Prodigy provides six viewing angles for your iPad (Review)

ZooGue Case Prodigy provides six viewing angles for your iPad (Review)

Summary: There are plenty of cases with one or two viewing angles, but the ZooGue Case Prodigy solution provides six positions in the most stable manner I have ever tested.


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  • Way tooooo costly..

    I got a Philips case with almost similar specs giving various viewing angles, for only $3.99. Waste of money IMO.
  • Good value, Good Product Guaranteed

    The case prodigy is really unlike any other case out there. You may not realize it until you have tried it. All other cases have only a few different angles that are not stable at all.

    However the Case Prodigy has more angles and is VERY sturdy in each one of the 6 angles.

    The kickstand comes out from the back and has 2 magnetic feet which is what really make each angle very stable and secure unlike any other case on the market
    Tim Angel
  • How is the home button and can you still use it in low profile?

    That home button looks to be blocked by the cover meaning I can't put my thumb on the edge and push the button I'll have to drag my finger to the edge of the cover and then press it, is that correct?

    The case in low profile looks like its top heavy, can you still use it without causing it to collapse?

    How heavy is the case?
    • Reply

      The home button is not covered at all when open or in stand mode. Of course when the cover is closed it covers the entire screen for protection.

      The case is just under 16oz

      The case at the low angle is very secure and stable, that is one of the main benefits. The iPad is not going to bounce when typing or touching the screen like other cases, the Case Prodigy was specifically made to have a solid kickstand so that your iPad wont budge in any of the angles.
      Tim Angel