ZTE expects 40 percent rise in smartphone shipments in 2013

ZTE expects 40 percent rise in smartphone shipments in 2013

Summary: The Chinese mobile maker, despite a U.S. House committee warning U.S. businesses to avoid buying equipment from the firm, expects to see a massive rise in smartphone shipments this year.


Chinese telecoms equipment maker and mobile giant ZTE said it expects to dish out around 50 million smartphones in the coming calendar year, a 40 percent increase on this year's shipments.

The 50 million shipments estimate is an 230 percent increase from the 15 million smartphones ZTE sold in 2011.

"We think next year will be very good [for smartphones]," ZTE's executive director He Shiyou told the Reuters news agency in China this morning.

In spite of reporting a third quarter loss earlier this month, notably due to the allegations made by U.S. investigators that the firm sold spy kit to Tehran, the firm remains the fourth largest mobile maker by shipments in the world.

According to IDC, ZTE currently pegs in behind Samsung, Apple, and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion in the rankings with around 4.2 percent of the global market share. Its share of the mobile market has increased by just short of 83 percent year-on-year alone, according to the research firm. 

ZTE's rise in the past quarter stems from emerging market sales and "notable progress" in North America during the second quarter.


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  • ZTE's loss has nothing to do US investigators. It not the investigators

    fault that ZTE sold spy kit to Tehran. Nor would does it make any sense to say they'll rise "despite" the US house commitee warning given that the US is not where they sell most of their products.
    Johnny Vegas