ZTE Grand Memo hands-on: Can it win the 'phablet' market?

ZTE Grand Memo hands-on: Can it win the 'phablet' market?

Summary: In a crowded market does the ZTE Grand Memo have what it takes to stand out from the competition? ZDNet went hands-on with the device at Mobile World Congress to see what it could offer.


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  • The ZTE Grand Memo is the latest entrant into the market between smartphones and tablets known as 'phablets'. But with notable brands such as Samsung with its Note range and LG's recently announced Optimus G Pro hitting the market, can the Grand Memo stand up?

    As the device is based upon Android, there is of course a commonality with the features found on other Android handsets. However, ZTE has tweaked the interface somewhat to add additional features and make the handset a little simpler to use.

    For example, tapping the icon on the lock screen brings up a list of shortcuts you can launch directly (pictured) whereas holding the icon down unlocks the device and opens to the home screen.

  • Once unlocked the home screen is more traditional Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) fare, albeit with ZTE's MiFavour tweaks, and the device showed few signs of buckling under normal operation with its quad-core Qualcomm processor powering it.

    On paper the specs seem to largely hold their own against the competition and in brief hands-on testing the experience was comparable with the Optimus G Pro, albeit without some of the nifty features found on the LG device.

    The screen did seem particularly prone to showing up fingerprints, though.

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  • ZTE is a liar

    The Grand Memo actually has an old S4 Pro chip with 1GB of RAM. ZTE lied.
    • Different variants

      Different variants for different markets. Engadget found the European market phone unbelievably fast: