ZTE Grand X IN sports Intel-powered Android, launches from September

ZTE Grand X IN sports Intel-powered Android, launches from September

Summary: The Grand X IN will be the first Intel-powered smartphone to be released in Europe by a manufacturer, rather than an operator.


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  • The Grand X IN comes with a prominent Intel logo on the rear. You don't see that with ARM-based phones, but then Intel handsets are much more of a rarity.

    The device has a 4.3-inch screen with a 960 x 540-pixel resolution, and an 8MP camera, which ZTE says will be capable of 10-frame bursts in under a second.

    It also has a 0.3MP forward-facing camera.

    Image credit: David Meyer

  • The Grand X IN will ship with Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' 4.0. It's not the latest iteration, Jelly Bean, but it does beat the San Diego's Android 2.3.

    Image credit: David Meyer

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  • Great to see intel getting into the smartphone segment

    Somebody has to do something to address ARMs glacial progress.
    Johnny Vegas
    • ARM's glacial progress?

      Have you actually been paying attention to Tegra processors?


      It seems like you're not even bothering to do the research before spouting off.
      Michael Alan Goff