Zynga hiring more engineers in China

Zynga hiring more engineers in China

Summary: U.S. game developer wants more engineers as it pushes mobile games and wins more smartphone users through partnership with China's Sina Weibo.


Zynga is hiring more engineers in China as part of efforts to grab more of the fast-growing demand from Chinese smartphone users since it partnered local microblogging service, Sina Weibo.

In a report Thursday, Bloomberg cited Andy Tian, general manager of Zynga China, as saying: "Mobile is fast growing globally for us." Tian, however, declined to disclose how many staff it was planning to add. The U.S. social games developer currently has more than 100 employees located in Beijing, the report said.

Zynga's hiring plans come after the company on Jun. 13 launched the simplified Chinese version of its "Draw Something" mobile game on Sina Weibo, China's biggest microblogging platform, through a new partnership. The report added Charles Chao, CEO of parent company Sina, said in February most users accessed the microblogging service on mobile devices rather than on PCs.

Zynga has been pushing its games onto the mobile platform, as users increasingly move from PCs for gameplay, Bloomberg said. It is also a move to wean it reliance on Facebook, where it gets most of its revenue, as the social network is blocked in China.

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