10 things your co-workers refuse to say

What are the things we all know go on in a workplace -- but don't talk about?

Office politics, manipulation and competition for that promotion are part-and-parcel of the modern workday.

In a list compiled on Market Watch, snide comments, gossip and annoying employees you work with are all some of the most common elements of a hostile work environment. Add this to snacking on treats until your jeans don't fit anymore, the staff who get a leg-up by seducing the boss and colleague bullying, it is no wonder those you work with can be the main cause of work-based stress -- rather than the job you are paid to perform.

This side of work is acknowledged by all but rarely spoken of -- and with this in mind, what are the top ten things your colleagues will never say to you?

1. I'm the most stressful part of your day.

83 percent of American workers say they are stressed out by at least one aspect of their jobs, up 10 percentage points from last year. The most stress-inducing? One in 10 cited annoying co-workers as the reason you grab that bottle of wine after work.

2. It's my fault you can’t squeeze into your skinny jeans anymore.

You're already stressed out by the overly perky colleague -- so you reach for the office treats. The 'just because' gifts may be a thoughtful gesture, but it doesn't stop 40 percent of workers gaining weight since starting their current job.

3. I'll bully you.

More than 40 percent of women and 36 percent of men who have been the victim of bullying said they left their jobs because of it.

4. I'm sleeping with the boss.

A step beyond the regrettable Christmas party, four in 10 workers say they have dated a colleague at some point; and of those, 29 percent say they have dated someone higher ranking than they were.

5. I hate you because you make more than me.

Envy is a powerful emotion -- and your workday can be made worse because of it.

6. I trash you behind your back.

Office gossip is prevalent in most companies, and 28 percent of employees use it as their first source of work-based information.

7. I'll wreck your marriage.

A recent study found that those who work with a larger proportion of workers of the opposite sex than those who do not are more likely to get divorced.

8. My nasty attitude will rub off on you.

We don't necessarily mean to, but by being around negativity, it's unsurprising that you'll find yourself as surly and grumpy as your colleagues by the end of the workday.

9. Your sunny demeanor is getting on my nerves.

Making other members of staff look bad in comparison to your enthusiastic plunge into tasks and happy countenance? Don't necessarily expect praise -- in many studies, expulsion and social exile are more common.

10. I'm disgusting.

As open-plan offices become all the rage, the office slob is likely to rub you the wrong way. But when half of all workers say that dirty habits have made them ill, it's a profit-losing problem for the business.

Via: Market Watch

Image credit: Flickr

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com


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